Original Sprout Hair Care + Cool Cuts 4 Kids Coupon

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I first bought the Original Sprout baby shampoo and conditioner that I LOVE years ago at Cool Cuts 4 Kids and have honestly been meaning to do a post on it for years!  So when a representative contacted me from Cool Cuts offering my readers a $5 off coupon for new customers it reminded me that I NEED to do this post!

The Hair & Body Baby Wash is amazing. Weirdly enough my toddler got cradle cap and had a flaky scalp at around 18 months. I thought it was only something newborns got so I was perplexed. At Cool Cuts they recommended this shampoo and in only one or two washes, it completely cleared it up. Don’t you love it when products WORK?! Even though it says “baby” I also use it on my five year old.

The Deep Conditioner I have also used for years on both my kids and LOVE it. It totally detangles and makes the hair soooo soft. Not to mention has the most delicious smell.  You will want to get your kids in their jammies and just snuggle up and smell them after washing their hair with this!

Both these products are completely natural and free of sulfates & parabens. Therefore the tag line, “Worry-free Luxury!

I always buy these at Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Costa Mesa but you can also buy online. They are pricey but last a long time and a little bit goes a long way.

Cool Cuts 4 Kids Coupon!

Cool Cuts 4 Kids is the nation’s largest haircare chain specifically designed with kids (and parents) in mind. Combining fun, convenience, and a kid-friendly environment, Cool Cuts 4 Kids salons feature two entertainment zones complete with the latest video games and movies to occupy and soothe pre-cut jitters.

From knowledgeable, kid-friendly stylists, to great products for the entire family, Cool Cuts 4 Kids strives to make every haircut fun 4 kids and easy 4 parents!

Click HERE to download and print a Cool Cuts 4 Kids coupon good for $5 any service $11.95 or higher now through 07/31/11.

This coupon is good for new customers only at participating salons.

Have a great day!

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Yes to Carrots Yes to Cucumbers Yes to Tomatoes!

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A few months back I stumbled upon a baby lotion at Target called Yes to Baby Carrots that had me shouting it’s praises from the rooftops.  Light, all natural and affordable. I have used lots of baby care products over the past few years and I have to say this one was the best.

Since I loved this moisturizer so much I went to the Yes to Carrots website to see if there were more “Yes to Carrots” products and found there was MUCH more to the “Yest to” brand than met the eye on the shelf at Target!

I connected with @YesToCarrots on Twitter and they ended up sending me some additional products to try for baby and me too!    I was curious if my passion would equaled. It was a lot to live up to. But after trying them all for about a month, I am now a loyal “Yes to” consumer for life and consider myself a YES WOMAN!

Here are a few of my absolute favorite products for ME!  I will do another one on the baby products.  All equally fabulous. But first, some important notes on the company…

There are four different collections…

Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Tomatoes and Yes to Baby Carrots are designed to meet different, specific skin types & needs.  You can even go on their website to find your own unique recipe!   And “Yes to” uses high quality organic fruit and veggie ingredients with a natural elixir from the Dead Sea to hydrate NATURALLY!

“Yes to” gives back….

A portion of the profits goes to the Yes to Seed Fund, a non-profit organization that provides grants to schools and communities to help them build gardens and promote a healthy lifestyle.  Um, like I needed yet ANOTHER reason to buy their products, but this one gives me a certain warm fuzzy!

“Yes to” is affordable…

For the quality and fact that these products are all natural and paraben-free, they are extremely affordable. And, all orders online over $50 comes with free shipping!

So these are some of my top picks!

Yes to Cucumbers Completely Cooling Body Butter

Love, love, love, love, love, love, love. First off, I am probably one of the few adults that cannot actually stand cucumbers.  Weird, huh?  I don’t like the taste, even in those “spa waters!”    So I was a little hesitant to spread cucumber lotion on my body. What I found was that it doesn’t smell like cucumber, but the cucumber ingredients {along with green tea and aloe vera} make it an absolutely luscious moisturizer!  I love the fresh scent (so does my hubby.) It is extremely moisturizing and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.  My new personal favorite lotion.

Best part: it’s paraben, petroleum & SLS-free & $12.99.

Yes to Carrots Carrot Rich Moisturizing Body Scrub

I have used body scrubs in the past, but many times have been turned off by how harsh they are for my skin.   This is the first exfoliating scrub I have used for my body that has been gentle enough for me.

Used in the shower, the exfoliating grains are tiny, not rough, but enough so that you can feel it working.

It deeply cleanses, then exfoliates and moisturizes leaving your skin silky smooth and ready for your Yes to Cucumbers Body Butter!

Key ingredients include Dead Sea Minerals, Ginko & Green Tea.  And all “Yes to” products contain a full list of ingredients you can check to see what you are putting on your body.

Again: Free of the above chemicals, and are you ready? Only $9.99.

Yes to Tomatoes Tender Touch Hand Cream

This moisturizing hand cream uses avocado & lycopene from organic tomatoes to make your hands feel like baby-soft skin!

I don’t know if this is just me, but all of a sudden when I turned 35 I felt like my hands were really showing my age! Fine lines and just a little wrinkly.

This hand cream is LIGHT. Not heavy or greasy (AT ALL) and I use it right before bedtime.  Goes on smoothly and has a nice light scent.

It doesn’t take away my hand’s 35 years, but it sure makes my paws feel more pampered!

Again: paraben, petroleum and SLS-free & $9.99!

Yes to Carrots Pomegranate Lip Butter with SPF 15

So I am a little bit of a SPF freak with the amount of time I spend outdoors with my kids in the summer.

Not just in summer but really year round, as we know from living in OC, we are lucky enough to get to spend a LOT of time in the So Cal sun.

This lip butter is very moisturizing, light and fragrance-free.  I use it on my kids too, especially for beach or pool outings.

Best part: AGAIN, 100% natural & $3.49!

So there began my love affair with the “Yes to” brand.  I think you will love it too.  If you have some time it’s interesting to Google about parabens and skin care products.  There is some thought-provoking information out there.

It makes me FEEL good to know that I am putting products like this on my body that are made from natural ingredients.

So want to be a “yes woman” too? Click here to shop online or find a store!

{Disclosure: The products in this post were provided free of charge by Yes to Carrots, but these opinions are my honest ones and it all started with a product I purchased myself!}

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