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Summer sneaks up on you fast, doesn’t it? And now that I have a grade schooler, I didn’t realize it, but you really have to start planning your summer activities and camp schedule like now!

This post is not to stress you out, but to let you know you can plan for summer with the help of SeekingSitters OC if you anticipate needing assistance when the kids are out of school.

I know a lot of moms work out of the house part time, so when summer rolls around  it can be problematic!  With SeekingSitters OC, you can set up a regular babysitting schedule and know you dedicated, uninterrupted time to work while your kids are having a blast playing with their sitter.

Maybe you don’t have a part time job but prefer not go crazy this summer? Come on, I am not the ONLY one that feels like that, am I?!

With SeekingSitters, you can plan a weekly (or more!) block of time where you can be assured you get at least 4 hours to yourself to run errands, make appointments, take care of yourself, and keep your sanity. Tell your hubby this alone is priceless!

The sitters are all independent contractors, so just as if you were booking a sitter one on one, if you feel comfortable, the sitters are able to take your kids to camp and drive them places if that is what you need help with over the summer months.

Their sitters are AMAZING.  

I wrote about my personal experience using SeekingSitters here. Completely stress-free, no hassle, and our sitter was like a modern day Mary Poppins. She arrived with her own bag of activities geared to my girls’ ages and they were in heaven.

All the sitters are committed to keeping your kids entertained (and off of video games and TV) for the duration of the job. I LOVE this aspect, because I know I am not going to have a babysitter sitting on the couch texting while my kids just watch TV.

A few main points on what makes their service so incredible for families:

* They do all the work for you! No interviews, no calls back and forth, no reference checks, they do all the legwork so you simply put in your dates / requests and they book a sitter for you.

* Safety! All their sitters are prescreened, background checked and have CPR and First Aid training.

* Easy Payments! Payments are made via credit card online so you never have to stress about having cash or going to the bank.

* Personalized Service! Kim Kane, the OC owner will work with you to make sure you get the very best sitter for your individual needs.

* Quality of sitters! Kim does all of the hiring herself, and as a mom of two young boys, knows exactly how high the standards are for a fabulous sitter.  Her sitters are professional, engaging, entertaining and show up on time ready to play with your kids. And when they leave, your house will be picked up in the same if not better condition then it was when they arrived. Important!

Kim recommends working with them now to plan for your summer so she can get you on their schedule.  Many sitters book up due to demand, so the farther she knows in advance, the better.  This is not to say that they can’t accept last minute requests! It is just easier for everyone to plan now if applicable.

I can’t more highly recommend this service.

For more information visit,  You can also visit SeekingSittersOC on Facebook and follow @OCSitters on Twitter.

Kim Kane, Owner, SeekingSitters OC Coastal, Central & South
kimkane @

[Disclosure: SeekingSitters OC is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor.]

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University Sitters

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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to do a weekly date night with my husband, but when you have small kids the child care aspect can be challenging.  That’s why having access to a great, reliable babysitter is key.

University Sitters is a Southern California babysitting placement company that can help can match your family’s childcare needs with a pre-screened, educated caregiver. Whether you need an occasional babysitter, part-time babysitter or full time nanny – they do all the legwork so you can find a great fit in a flash.

Kasey Edwards, one of the company co-founders, wrote some awesome advice on how to find the best nanny for your family. I thought these tips were super helpful. Here is her advice…

Finding a Nanny or Babysitter

1. Define what you are looking for.

Do you want a mother type or an energetic college grad? What are your hours and daily expectations?

2. Be clear when you propose the job.

Outline your hourly rate and exact expectations when you describe the job to potential candidates.

3. Utilize professionals when needed.

Using a nanny agency can save time and headaches.  They have resources to help you define your expectations and meet them.  Call University Sitters and mention Tiny Oranges for a special discount (see below!)*

4. Interview at least 4-5 people.

You can’t get a good sense of who is a great fit until you know who isn’t right.

5. Check references and do trials before you commit.

References should be easy to reach and enthusiastic. Trials should show positive attitude and be progressive (perfection can’t always be achieved the first week but the right attitude should be!)

6.  Be prepared to move on a great candidate when you find one.

Great nannies are in demand so when you find one you like, hire them even if it means using her before you thought you would start the job if only on a part time basis.

KEEPING Your Nanny or Babysitter

1. Follow through on your commitments of hourly rates, of hours per week, of daily duties.

2. Show your nanny respect

3. All nannies want to feel appreciated so tell them you are thankful of their help.

4. For full time help, consider paid sick days and paid vacation to help them feel secure.

Let University Sitters help with finding a great nanny, housekeeper, or babysitter for your family.  Tiny Oranges readers will get an additional 15% off of nanny placements engaged through the end of January 2011. We can help with full time, part time, educated and career nanny placements.  Free first booking for families looking for a sporadic sitter through the sitting service.

{Disclosure: University Sitters is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor.}

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