Pattern Eating

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LOVE this guest post by Susanne on a new way she has discovered to get the kiddos to eat more balanced meals. Here is what she wrote…

Recently my  three year old daughter, Lyla, has been ALL about patterns.

She’s in her first year of preschool and they have been learning about them as a pre-math skill.  She’s been wanting to do a pattern in almost everything we do- brushing her teeth (toothpaste, brush, spit, repeat), washing her hands (water, soap, dry, repeat) and of course when she’s coloring using her different color crayons in an order.

I just thought it was super cute that she’s been wanting to apply what she’s learning at school at home until…

One morning in one of my usual struggle to get her to eat more than just her favorite item off her plate at breakfast (bacon) she said “Mom, let’s eat a pattern” and proceeded to finish her entire breakfast, with a bite of egg, toast, bacon, repeat.  It’s been working like a charm ever since!

Although this may just be a phase (as everything seems to be in child rearing) I thought it might be a helpful tool to share as getting her to eat a balanced meal has always been SO difficult to do.

Do any of you have tricks of the trade to share on how you get your kids to eat balanced meals?


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