Kid’s Spinbrush My Way!

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Completing HAVE TO activities each day with my headstrong two-year-old can be challenging to say the least.

Essential tasks like going potty, brushing her hair (don’t even get me started on the washing hair drama), brushing her teeth, getting dressed, etc., can sometimes turn into situations where I am forced to exercise patience I really don’t have.

The teeth brushing process for awhile was horrendous. I tried everything…using big sis as an example, songs, trying to give her some sense of power with “your turn” then “MOMMY turn!”

It even got down to me naming the “sugar bugs” in her mouth I was getting out while brushing. “Morgan! I see Sammy the Sugar Bug back there, open wide, I have to get him out…!”  That lasted for maybe a few brushings as she peered at me with angry, skeptical eyes as the toothbrush was working to evict Sammy.

But sadly it usually ended up with me having to brush those little things against her (SCREAMING) will which is SO not pleasant for either of us and can set a mama’s blood pressure through the roof.

But every time I felt like throwing in the towel, my pediatrician’s voice would be in my head…”If she didn’t feel like riding in her car seat would you let her? Same thing, her teeth have to be brushed, there is no choice.”

Then I remembered seeing something on awhile back about a Spinbrush for kiddos and thought maybe getting a new exciting toothbrush might be worth a try.

The Arm & Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush My Way! is a battery-powered toothbrush that comes with 141 waterproof stickers that the kids can use to decorate their own toothbrush.

Really brilliant because I have two girls and they even come with sticker letters so you can put your name on it.

According to Arm & Hammer, kids brush 38% longer with a battery-powered toothbrush. That is huge. So we got two and gave them a try!

My five-year-old loves her new toothbrush and I feel that she is doing MUCH more thorough job using this toothbrush vs. the normal old one.

And, I am happy to report that my two-year-old is BETTER using this toothbrush. I am not going to claim she is clamoring to get those pearly whites polished up, BUT the battles have been drastically reduced, and that to me is a success!

They are available now at most grocery stores and drugstores, but you can also buy online here. I also wish I knew these Arm & Hammer coupons were online before I bought ours!

If anyone has any toddler tooth brushing tips – PLEASE DO TELL AND COMMENT HERE!

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