The Fairy Birds Teach About Giving

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Teaching children the joy of giving

Last weekend I was invited to attend an event and book signing by the authors of a new book teaching children the joy of giving called Fairy Birds.

I checked out their website, and was so taken with the cute video and storyline of the book I couldn’t wait to take my girls.

Have you ever wondered where Fairy Godmothers came from?

The story follows a group of Fairy Birds who go to school to learn the secrets of becoming a Fairy Godmother.

In the Fairy Birds series, they learn how to grow each of six different colorful feathers needed to become a Fairy Godmother.

This first book teaches them how to earn their pink “Givie” feather by giving to others.

The story is based on giving, and teaching children the joy of giving, not only in big ways, but small ways too.

The ideas alone are just priceless.  That night after we got home from going out to dinner, my 7-year-old gave us this card.

Seriously? You can’t make this stuff up. The joy almost exploded out of my heart.

fairy birds note Follow Fairy Birds on Facebook for special offers and events, and put this book in your back pocket of awesome birthday gift ideas.

Include some little balloons with Givie Notes inside of them or a set of Fairy Godmother wings and you might just have the best present EVER.

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