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This post is LONG overdue!   But I figure better late than never!

Back in May at my Tiny Oranges Dream Dinners event I met so many amazing moms. It was so fun to meet some Tiny Oranges readers in person.   One of the moms mentioned that sometimes she forgets to check my site so she misses some posts.

I told her she could sign up to subscribe and receive emails when I do new posts and she told me she didn’t know that.  So I wanted to do a post on how YOU can subscribe if you didn’t know this too.   And for those of you reading this because you already do…thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is a simple “how to” on how blog email subscriptions work. I subscribe myself to some of my favorite blogs & I love it when I see updates in my inbox because it’s always fun to open the email and see what the latest topic is!

Want to be a Tiny Oranges subscriber? Here’s how…

Step 1

Enter your email address into the box in the top right hand column of my site that looks like this {below}.  Note, this is not the actual box below, I am just showing it as an example.  The REAL box is in the top right hand column. Do you see it? Yea, up there! To the right of The Juiciest graphic. Yep, that one!

Step 2

After your enter your email address, you will click on the little heart to the right.   When you click on that, it will bring up a screen like this:

This is to prevent spam, so what you will do is enter in the letters you see in green, then click “complete subscription request.”

Step 3 – Most important step!

Then go immediately to your email inbox and you should have an email from “FeedBurner Email Subscriptions.” Open that email, and then click on the link included. This is to confirm you wanted to subscribe. Once you click the link, it should give you a message like you have successfully subscribed. Voila! Just make sure to do this right away otherwise it risks getting lost in your email box.

Step 4


Once you sign up, anytime there is a new post on Tiny Oranges, you will get an email (usually around 7:30am) in the morning with the subject “Tiny Oranges New Post!

When you open the email you will see the title of the post with the graphic and a little excerpt.    You can click on the title of the post or the “click here to read more” link (both in blue) and it will take you over to my blog to read the post in it’s entirety or comment.   Please always click over if you have a minute! It helps me and supports the wonderful companies that sponsor my blog.

The email looks like this…

Note: I NEVER sell email addresses or anything like that, so they are SOLELY used for communication purposes with my readers.

If you get annoyed with getting an email a day from Tiny Oranges, you can easily click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of one of the emails and get taken off the list.  Super easy.  I hope you don’t, but you can, so it doesn’t hurt to try it out and see if you like gettin my little emails!

Thanks for listening and reading and SUBSCRIBING!  Take 1 minute and do it now – I would love to have you in the loop every time there is a new post.  Plus, it makes sure you don’t miss a post on a great giveaway or upcoming event! And, for all my giveaways, you can leave an extra comment that you are a subscriber and you get an extra entry!

I am excited to see how many new subscribers I can get today.  Will you be one?

Happy Thursday!

xo Jen

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