Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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As I am preparing this post, it is a windy, rainy Sunday so I felt inspired to share this awesome post from the gals over at www.PiertoPeer.net on creative rainy day activities for kids!

Of course by the time this publishes tomorrow, I am sure it will be sunny again, but rainy day or not, Pier to Peer has come up with some really great ideas on ways to keep the kiddos entertained indoors. Personally I am going to use some of these with my older daughter when my little one is napping.

Pier to Peer is a local So Cal blog written by three mamas sharing their thoughts, opinions and adventures with their beach city friends.  Although focused on South Bay happenings, their blog covers topics that appeal to moms everywhere.

Fresh, real, and full of great ideas and articles, book mark it and add it to your list of mom blogs to follow! I am a Pier to Peer fan!

www.PiertoPeer.net * Follow on Facebook * Tweet with the @PiertoPeerGirls * Follow on Pinterest

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How to Properly Cut an Onion [Video]

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Do you know how to properly cut an onion??

In this video, my Tiny Oranges partner, Susanne (aka Your Sus Chef), shows us how she was taught in culinary school.

I have never seen this before! The technique is brilliant! Even my mother-in-law who is a fab cook learned something. I hope you do too!

Think you know how? Watch to find out!

And would LOVE your feedback on these vlogs! Please comment! Do you want to see more?

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Welcome to our new design!

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After four long months  I am so excited to introduce our new design and new look!!

It’s extra special we got the new look launched this week of all weeks, because tomorrow is my 3rd blog birthday!

To celebrate our new design AND  birthday, we will be posting our biggest giveaway EVER tomorrow! Make SURE you come back and enter. Believe me, you will want to enter! Here’s why.

So, about the new design…what do you think? Do you like?

Please take my new comment field for a test drive and let me know!

Speaking of test drives, with projects like this, sometimes right out of the gate there might be a few bugs and things that might not work exactly how they should. If you catch one, please do let me know.  And thanks in advance for your patience.

I would like to extend an ever-so-grateful heartfelt thanks to the tremendously talented Lisa of VentureSom who is the incredible woman behind our new look.

She took my ramblings of abstract wishes like…”I want a clean, modern look, but with a touch of whimsy, and oh yes, I have always wanted a modern looking “tree” to symbolize a family tree, and you know, with the whole ORANGES theme, I love the idea of an orange tree, and, oh,  I just want it to be SUPER CUTE, like a site you want to visit because you love to look at it, and, and, and…”

…and she brought my vision to life.

I don’t know how she did it, but she did.  Thank you Lisa, for everything.

Thank you for being here today and reading. I love you all – really I do. You have no idea.

You are the reason I have so much passion behind this blog. Now speaking of love, can you show me some love by testing out my comments and letting me know your thoughts?!

Thank you!!!!!!


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