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As a new breastfeeding mom (for the second time), I have loved having Milkalicious as a shopping and nursing resource this time around.   For those of you that aren’t acquainted with Milkalicious, it is a darling breastfeeding boutique in Aliso Viejo.

The other night I was reading the book “Pinkalicious” to my daughter and accidentally said “Milkalicious” when reading it to her.  She doesn’t miss a beat these days, so  she looks at me as says “MILKALICIOUS??” and starts giggling.   I guess I had  Milkalicious on the brain! 

I have to share an AMAZING resource the boutique offers that I experienced firsthand –  FREE breastfeeding clinics  every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 10am – 11:30am. 

When we went to our 2 week doctor appointment  for Morgan, she had barely made it back to her birth weight because of her reflux.  The fact that she was not gaining enough weight early on really messed with my head. 

Even when she started gaining weight when we got her reflux under control, every time she was fussy, I was thinking “Is she hungry?? Is she getting enough??”

So, I went to a Milkalicious workshop to find out.    The first thing they do is take your baby’s pre-feeding weight on a scale.  Then, you nurse and weigh them afterwards so you can see approximately how much milk they are getting.   

In the meantime, a lactation consultant is there to walk around and answer any questions.  And it was fun to sit and chat with moms that all had babies roughly the same age.  

They had a sheet to tell you approximately how many ounces per feeding your baby should be getting for their weight.  Turns out that Morgan was getting exactly as much as she should be.  I left feeling so relieved.  It was just nice to have the reassurance.

They also offer private lactation consultations in-store or at your home for a fee, along with other classes.  Whether you are nursing your 1st baby or your 5th, when nursing issues arise, it is SO helpful to have an expert to turn to for help.  Us nursing moms need all the support we can get!

You can register for classes online or call 949.831.6455 (MILK).

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