How to End Fights Over Car Seats

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How to End Fights Over Car Seats

This post is how to end fights over car seats, an issue that seems to be a common one amongst moms with more than one child eligible to ride in the same type of car seat and carpooling moms everywhere. May this idea work for you like it worked for me because dealing with car seat squabbles can be a nightmare.

This year we started a regular carpool with four girls. We have four seats for the girls: two in the middle row and two in the back row. In the beginning, it was astounding to see the amount of grief brought upon by WHO was going to sit in WHAT seat.

Many times there were actual TEARS over what seat someone got or didn’t get. It was fascinating to watch this dynamic because the drive time to school is 5 minutes tops. But still, to these first and second graders it was obviously a very big deal.

The last thing I wanted to do was start the day with someone crying, so I thought I have GOT to find a way to make this work. When I thought about it more, at the root of the issue, it appeared to be a power struggle amongst the girls.  There was power in positioning, and the back two seats became the coveted ones (why I have no idea.)

I needed to take the control out of their hands, and put into the hands of fate. Mommy was on a mission.

So I took four blank index cards and wrote the name of each seat on it. Each morning before anyone takes a seat in the car, they take a card and that is the seat they get for the ride. No questions, no negotiation, no conversation.

And it has worked brilliantly!!!!! Everyone takes their card, reads it, and gets in their seat with a smile on their face.

For anyone struggling with how to end fights over carseats, try out the pick a card method. I hope it works for you too! Any other moms want to share ideas on what has worked for you?

P.S. I am going to see if I am busted on this photo above by two moms who shall remain nameless. There is a funny story behind the happy pick your card pic!

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