Why I Love My Husband

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I met Fawn, creator of the Happy Wives Club, last fall at Bloggy Boot Camp and was immediately fascinated by the empire she has created celebrating happy marriages.

Her goal is to find at least 1 million happy wives from all over the world who enjoy being a wife, adore their husband and are still head-over-heels in love.

I am member of the Happy Wives Club, because I genuinely AM a happy wife, so when Fawn emailed me this week telling me she is doing a link-up with bloggers who want to share the reasons they love their husbands, I jumped on board. Here are some of the gazillion reasons why…

1. He puts our family first.

2. He is the most selfless person I have ever met (see # 1).

3. He is the best dad. Ever.

4. He is really handy and can fix just about anything.

5. He is my biggest fan.

6. He is really easy to be around; I love being in his presence.

7. He’s the first person I want to call when something funny happens.

8. He’s the first person I want to call when something not-so-funny happens.

9. He makes me laugh.

10. He is fiercely loyal.

11. He is a no frills, salt-of-the-earth, type of guy. What you see is what you get.

12. He is more handsome today than the day I met him. Which is saying a lot because I thought he was the cutest guy I had ever laid eyes on when I saw him standing in front of the jukebox at Malarky’s on February 20th, 1998, the night we first met. It really was love at first sight.

13. He does the grocery shopping every weekend.

14. He’s quietly confident and secure in who he is.

15. He thinks I’m funny.

16. He embraces my quirks and loves me anyway.

17. He vacuums. And cleans the kitchen. And does his own laundry by choice. Sometimes I think I won the husband lottery in the “help around the house” department.

18. He has a lot of integrity.

19. He knows how to play cribbage.

20. He is my soul mate; the perfect person for me

Are you a member of the Happy Wives Club? Take a few minutes to write your husband a letter or email today on the reasons why ~ it will make you smile.

Sometimes it is really easy to get caught up on the negative things in relationships and the things that drive us crazy or bug us. But when you sit down and think of all the reasons WHY you LOVE your husband, the negative things seem to fade.

You can follow the Happy Wives Club on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for all sorts of positive inspiration on celebrating happy marriages.

Why do you love your husbands? Please comment and share!

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