How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

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Here’s a little party idea post for you mamas that love parties!  My husband’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and I threw a little birthday fiesta to celebrate! Since Mexican was our theme, I thought of those tissue paper flowers I have seen so many times in Mexico and thought they would make cute party decor. I started Googling how to make tissue paper flowers and found this site which even featured a how to video!

Making tissue paper flowers for party decorations is SO easy and SO cheap!

I absolutely loved how they turned out!

I thought they were so cute I even used them at my daughter’s birthday party as well.  See photo left!

For her party, I bought flower-themed paper products and the pots and flowers really brightened up the table.

Better yet, the cost worked out to be just a little over $1 each.  Can’t get cheaper than that!


– Your choice of colored tissue paper. I got this variety pack of 4 different bright colors from Party City so I could have a variety.

– Green pipe cleaners (bought mine at Michael’s)

– Terracotta pots in various sizes (if using as centerpieces – bought mine at Home Depot & Michael’s)

– Floral foam (to stick flowers in inside the pots)

– Floral Cloth Wire (I bought this and the foam at Michael’s – and found the wire would well to stick into the foam to keep the flowers in place.)


1. Cut tissue paper in half and stack approximately 6 sheets on top of each other.

2. Fold the tissue paper like an accordion.

3. Tie a pipe cleaner around the center.

4. Round the edges with scissors.

5. Fold up the sheets one at a time, making sure to do one side, then the other, so that the tissue “petals” open towards the same center.

6. If putting them in a pot, wrap a floral wire around the center and stick into the floral foam in the pot.

If you are a visual person like me, watch this how to video.  Makes it very easy!

You have to do some test ones to see how big you like them and how many colors you like.  I varied the colors and sizes.  I tied them around the base of lantern centerpieces with the pipe cleaner and then filled in with the terracotta pots.

These would be perfect decoration ideas for a Dora or Diego themed birthday party!  Or, even just to do bright colors at a party.  I think they would also be great to tie on top of birthday gifts!

Happy crafting!

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