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How many times have you WISHED you had your own Supernanny to tell you what to do in certain situations with your children? Or, been at a loss because your child is acting out big time and nothing you do seems to work? Please tell me, it’s not just me!

Tom and Kisha Maher are the owners of newly launched Simply Family, an Orange County based in-home family consulting service that offers coaching and advice for parents who need help setting up boundaries or modifying challenging behaviors in their children.

As Tom explained it to me, “The goal isn’t to teach people how to be a parent.  We teach parents ways they can modify their child’s behavior.”

Citing what he says is a natural gift and talent for understanding children, along with ten years of experience working with emotionally disturbed foster children and at-risk teenagers, their experience and passion for helping families was the genesis of Simply Family.

Based on a system of rewards and consequences, their hands-on, realistic approach to behavior modification doesn’t come from a textbook, but rather real-life experience working with children.

They offer 30 minute phone consultations as well as in-home one-on-one coaching.  Click here to read about their services.

Would you love to win a visit from this OC Supernanny team? Simply Family is running a special contest now on their website where one family can enter to win a personal in-home consultation.  The contest runs through November 1st, 2011 and the winner will receive a two-day in-home consultation ($400 value.)

Click HERE to read about how to enter.

You can also follow Simply Family on Facebook (<– click to see their great parenting tidbits!) and for every person that “Likes” their page between now and October 31st, 2011 will receive a FREE 30-minute phone consultation!  Click HERE to follow the instructions online on how to set up your phone consult after “liking” their page.

If you are also looking for some great tips on how to choose the right daycare or nanny for your child, check out Tom’s recent article in the September 2011 issue of  OC Family found on page 30.  He provides a great checklist on 10 key questions to consider.

[Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post and one that I am happy to share because if you are like me, I can use all the parenting advice I can get!]

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