Christmas Ornament Tradition for Kids

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I have written about this Christmas ornament tradition for kids in past years but wanted to post again for any new readers because I love this tradition my mother started for me as a little girl.

Every year since I was born, I got one special Christmas ornament. When I was too small to chose, my mom chose them for me.  As I got older, I would get to pick out my yearly ornament and it would get written on our Christmas ornament sheet, documenting our selection and the year.

Through the years, the collection grew. A trolley car ornament from our trip to San Francisco, a cheerleader for the year I was on my first cheerleading team, a glass Christmas tree that sparkles against the tree lights that I still remember picking out and is still one of my favorites.

When I graduated college and moved into my first apartment with my own Christmas tree for the first time, my mom packed up all of my ornaments dating back to 1974 and gave them to me along with the list.

Every year to this day, my tree is decorated with childhood memories.

I am carrying on this tradition with my two girls and hope it means as much to them as it did to me!  What holiday traditions do you do for your children?

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