How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

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For my 10 year anniversary last fall, Bruce of Gramercy Gifts in Newport Beach created a new wedding ring for me using my original diamond in a brand new halo setting. Something old, something new!  When I got my new ring, I thought it was an opportune time to ask an expert jeweler something have always wondered about ~  what is the best way to clean my diamond ring at home? 

I have bought fancy jewelry cleaners from the swap meet and various other ones throughout the years, but never knew if they were worth the money.

Bruce’s answer surprised me, so I am excited to share this inside scoop with you. It it cheap, easy and doesn’t include fancy jewelry cleaning solutions!  Here is what he suggested for those times you want to clean your diamond, whether at home, while traveling, or anytime.

How to clean a diamond ring 
by Bruce Lambert of Gramercy Gifts

1. Apply either toothpaste or Windex (or any type of glass cleaner) to your diamond ring. Make sure to close the drain if you are cleaning your jewelry over the sink!

2.  Brush it on and clean thoroughly with a soft bristle toothbrush to get off the dirt and any other debris.

3. Using the same toothbrush, put your ring around the other end and hold onto the toothbrush by both ends. Run hot water* over your ring to rinse off the cleaning solution. The hotter the water, the faster it will evaporate, leaving fewer spots, resulting in more sparkly stones.

4. Blow excess water off of your piece, return to finger, and enjoy!

* Please note hot water should only be used on diamonds. Other stones like emeralds, opals, etc. cannot withstand hot temperatures, so they should be rinsed at a lower temperature.

This technique works great for surface cleaning, but sort of like taking your car to a quick car wash to get off all the visible dirt, every now and again you need to take your ring to a professional jeweler to give your piece a thorough cleaning and “detailing.” He recommends doing this once, maybe twice a year.

Professional jewelers have the equipment and compounds to most effectively clean your jewelry and polish the medal. To make it easy to remember, take your ring into your jeweler around your wedding anniversary. Or, many people also like to professionally clean their jewelry before the holidays.

Bruce is fabulous and has been designing and creating custom jewelry  in Orange County since 1977.  He was trustworthy, honest, attentive and overall, working with him was a wonderful experience. You can read my previous blog on my ring transformation here.

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Photo credits: Top ring photo compliments of Gramercy Gifts featuring one of his fabulous designs. Step by step photos taken by me ~ and the ring Bruce created for us!

[Disclosure: After working with Bruce on my ring, he became a Tiny Oranges Sponsor! Check out his great ad in our right column along with his listing in our OC Biz Guide.]

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