Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

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This blog is dedicated to creative tooth fairy ideas – and, there are some AH-dorable ones I’ve heard from fellow mamas, friends from school, and of course, seen on Pinterest.

My little girl seems to be in what I’m nicknaming her “tooth losing season”…one cute wiggly one after another. This means two things:

1.) Tear!  She’s growing up so quickly.  And,
2.) The tooth fairy has been making frequent visits to our home.

Since my daughter is in kindergarten and is basically all grown-up (according to her), she comes home and excitedly shares what the Tooth Fairy is bringing her friends.  And it is nearly impossible not to compare.

“Mom, why doesn’t the tooth fairy  ________?”  Fill in the blank. Fabulous.

So, I just explain how the tooth fairy has a special delivery for every child, and since every child is different, so is each treasure.

Here are just a few of the super cute tooth fairy ideas I’ve heard about:

Fairy Dust

As quoted in Disney’s Peter Pan, “All you need is faith, love, and pixie dust!”  Or in this case, tooth fairy dust.  The tooth fairy sprinkles a little glitter on my child’s pillow…and in her tooth pillow.  My little princess is obsessed with sparkles, so she is delighted with the bedazzle.

Gold Coin “Treasure”

Our Tooth Fairy brings gold coins, which look very much like gold doubloons from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This is a winner in our house. P.S. I have heard the tooth fairy can stop by the bank and exchange dollars for these special gold coins.

Tooth Fairy Receipt

I have to give full credit to Pinterest because there are just so many adorable tooth dairy receipt printables the tooth fairy can find! Our tooth fairy must have nabbed this one from A Typical English Home – check it out.  SO cute!

Dollar Origami

I saw a picture of an adorable heart shaped dollar bill on one of my friend’s Facebook pages, so I looked into it. I came across  the Crafty Journal on Pinterest. She gives a  step-by-step on how the tooth fairy can make a heart for your kiddo.

Last, But Not Least…

How about leaving the tooth fairy a note?  Our second tooth fairy encounter was quite funny…my daughter got so excited that her tooth wiggled out, she swallowed it accidentally.  Ahhhh!!!  One call to the pediatrician later, I had a devastated little girl who was convinced the tooth fairy would not come because she didn’t have a tooth to leave under her pillow.

So, this mama went into problem solving mode and had her draw her tooth, cut it out of construction paper, and dictate a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened.  She was ecstatic the next morning when the tooth fairy still brought her a special treat.


What does your tooth fairy bring?  Any fun traditions?  Please share below! 

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