Darling Droolers!

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Do your little ones love the tags on their loveys just about as much as the lovey itself??  On my oldest daughter’s Angel Dear loveys, the wording on the tag has been completely worn off after years of her tag love.  I have always thought  it was so cute to see  just how soothing a little satin tag can be!

Knowing how much little ones love these tags, I flipped when I saw this cute gift we got for Morgan!  It’s called a  “Ribbon Lovey”  by a company called Darling Droolers.  It’s a square little blankie, one side is satin, the other is a super soft fleecey fabric.  Then, all around the edges are ribbon loops or “tags” in various textures and patterns. 

The logo and lovey were so cute , I had to go online and peruse their other products.  Shop online or click here to see a store that carries their darling stuff.  Lots of fun ideas for baby and shower gifts!

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