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This year one of my goals is to slowly go through each room in our house and do some updating. We moved in almost seven years ago and haven’t done much decorating since we moved in, so I guess you can say I am getting the seven year itch for some fresh decor!

This updating bug started last year with my living room makeover, which inspired me to slowly take on the other rooms.

First room on the 2012 list is our  guest / girls’  bathroom. 

Jessica of Jessica Bennett Interiors, a local design firm specializing in young adults and families who did my fabulous new living room, is helping me with our project. Because it is such a small space, I am doing one of her DIY design packages, where she provided the (oh-so-cute) concept and ideas, and we are doing the legwork.

Now that my husband installed the crown moulding and the new medicine cabinet has been ordered, the next task is to pick a new paint color.

In my DIY Jessica-provided package, she gave me four paint color swatches.  And God bless her for this, because picking out a paint color to me is torturous. I have total paint picking phobia. It was so nice to be relieved from the misery of swatch comparison. 

On her blog, I remembered seeing a blog post called “How to Date Your Paint Color Before You Marry It” which is such a great idea I had to share it with you.


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