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Is there anything worse than realizing you are down to your last diaper with no back up supply??  There have been times when I have had to scrounge through my diaper bag and car to find straggling diapers to get us through the night! 

One of my girlfriends recently told me about, the best thing to happen to an exhausted, sleep-deprived mom as the diapers come right to your doorstep. FAST.   And, the site is not only about diapers…they have everything!   Even  the huge box of  Kirkland wipes from Costco!   To anyone with a new baby, those are the best wipes around.  Just ask any seasoned mom you know :-).   It is really a one-stop shop for all your baby essentials.   They even have Halloween costumes!

So, I went a-shoppin’ and stocked up on some diapers and lots more.   Most orders over $49 ship for free.  I placed my order in the afternoon and it arrived on my doorstep the next morning!  I don’t think it can get more convenient than that.  

Coupon Code alert!

Use coupon code “tiny10” upon checkout on any diaper order of $50 or more and get $10 off your first order! 

You only have to order one thing of diapers for it to work, so you can combine it with other products as long as the total adds up to $50, and includes one pack of diapers.

Happy shoppin’!

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