DIY Halloween Wreath You’ll Go Batty For

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Bat Wreath for Halloween

Last week my friend Laurie of Go Hobo had a couple girlfriends over to make these adorable DIY Halloween wreaths to celebrate the upcoming Halloween season.

I never have considered myself a crafty person, but something like this is so easy to make! Plus, it is so much fun to do with friends. We all chatted while we crafted and the kids played and I can’t believe how therapeutic it is to craft! I am hooked.

This month’s Thanksgiving wreath get together is at my house. Stay tuned to see what we create!

DIY Halloween Wreath


– Foam wreath foam (any size)
– Gray yarn
– Black construction paper or card stock
– Red dot stickers for eyes
– Lime green ribbon
– Glue gun

Yarn for Halloween Wreath



1. Start with about a one inch horizontal yarn piece to get the wrapping started, and hold against the wreath. Then start to tightly wrap the yarn around the wreath to start to cover the one inch piece, which will keep the yarn in place.  Keep the yarn in the packaging, and just push it through the hole and around to keep it from tangling, and keep wrapping until the whole thing is covered. Make sure to keep it tight, and keep each row right next to the previous one.

2. Once the yarn is done, trace and cut bats using a template. Laurie found this clipart of a black bat with red demon eyes here, you can Google and find different sized bat templates.  When bats are cut out, place red dot stickers for eyes. I chose to just do them on the bigger bats, and kept the small ones plain.  I got the red stickers at Michael’s.

3. Last, tie your green ribbon on in any fashion you like for hanging, and voila, you have your DIY Halloween Wreath!

Have a great weekend everyone! XO

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