Dream Dinners Party This Wednesday!

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I still have spots available for you to join me this Wednesday night, May 26th at 6:30pm for a little Dream Dinners Tiny Oranges party at the Fountain Valley location.   Email me at jennifer@tinyoranges.com to RSVP.

It’s so fun & easy! You will come home with a ready-to-make meal and can see how Dream Dinners works.  And, if you are like me (cooking-challenged) or just a SUPER busy mom, you will find out first hand how Dream Dinners really is a DREAM!

Cost is FREE…come have some appetizers, assemble a meal, meet some other moms and enjoy a weeknight out away from the typical bedtime routine!

Hope to see you there!  RSVPs necessary!  Please drop me an email again to jennifer@tinyoranges.com to let me know you can make it!

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Dream Dinners Tiny Oranges Party

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Have you heard of Dream Dinners??  I did a post about it a long time ago, but the location I went to originally closed, so I most recently went to the location in Fountain Valley and I loved it as much as I did the first time!

I am not a cook.  I wish I was.  But I am not.

For a person like me, or even if you are a cook, but just a super busy mom, the concept is brilliant.  You go online, choose your menu then schedule your time to go in and assemble your dinners.  When you show up for your scheduled time, there are very well-organized stations ready for each menu item.  Everything is already prepped and pre-cut.  All you do is assemble!

When you leave, you have a bunch of meals ready to cook.  It’s amazing.  I love that I can pull out a dinner and make my family a healthy meal QUICK.   Plus, it makes me feel like a real cook!  🙂

Two quick promos to let you know about!

1. Mention Tiny Oranges and get 10% off your first session. This adds up to a decent amount!   Just type it in the Special Instructions box when you check out.

2. This location also offers a cool program called the “TRI-PROGRAM” where for the last trimester of your pregnancy or for the first 3 months after the baby arrives, this location will assemble your meals for you, without the typical assembly fee ($2/meal.)  Just type in “Tri-Program” in the special instructions box and your due date and any special dietary instructions.  Then, when your meals are ready they will call you and all you have to do is pick them up.

Tiny Oranges Mom’s Night Out!
Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Dream Dinners Fountain Valley

Join me and other moms at the Dream Dinners in Fountain Valley and make a meal for free!  It’s a great time to try it out, see how it works, enjoy some appetizers and meet other moms.   No obligation to make any additional meals (at the additional cost) unless you want to.

There are 20 spots available, so RSVP’s are required.  Please email me at jennifer@tinyoranges.com  if you would like to come!  Spots might fill up fast, so please email me ASAP if you can make it!  I look forward to meeting some of you in person!

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