Thank You Easter Bunny

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Since we are upon Easter weekend, I thought I might share an Easter tradition that I grew up with, and now we, or excuse me, the Easter Bunny does for our kiddos…a TREASURE HUNT!

When the kids wake up, the Easter Bunny leaves a basket for egg collecting outside of their bedrooms.   Inside the basket is an envelope with clue #1 written, and a clue is written on an index card.

The clues can be anything. Drawings of things with arrows, codes to decipher, puzzles like this…

You, or rather, the Easter Bunny can get as tricky as is age appropriate!

Each clue leads to the next and at the end there is the “grand prize.”  Last year the Easter Bunny left my daughter’s gift in the bathtub!

At the end we say, THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY!  It is a cute addition to the egg hunt and it is fun to watch little ones try to figure out the clues.

I hope you all have a glorious Easter weekend celebrating with your families! Do you have any special Easter traditions you would like to share?

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