Easy DIY Holiday Tabletop Decor Ideas

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Doing some holiday entertaining this Christmas?  These easy DIY holiday tabletop decor ideas by Meghan Yang Interior Design are something you can do yourself, with items already in your house. Which means it is not only simple, but also free! You can even recruit your kids to help.

Here is a step-by-step on how to create DIY holiday tabletop decor to spruce up your Christmas table!

Gift Napkins

I took simple cream napkins folded them in to a square and then just wrapped them with Christmas ribbon to look like presents.  I then placed them on gold plastic chargers I had left over from New Years.  If you wanted a name tag you could easily hole punch card stock and tie to the ribbon.

DIY Holiday Table Runner

I used gold bark holiday wrapping paper and just folded it to size.  I then cut out paper snow flakes that I taped together and placed on top.  This is a great way the kids can help.  You could use both of these ideas together like I did, or use the snow flakes over and existing tablecloth or runner. Or the wrapping paper runner on its own.

DIY Holiday Ornament Centerpiece

I showed this ways.

Centerpiece 1: The first is with a three tier cake stand.  I simply took left over ornaments and ribbon and stacked them around each layer. I just dispersed the color in a way that I felt was evenly distributed from any angle.  You will notice that the ornaments are all different. You don’t have to have a matching set to make it all come together.

Centerpiece 2: For this option I just showed a basic cake stand. You could get the same effect with a serving tray as well.  Since in this option there is only one layer, I clustered candles in the middle for height and then put the ornaments around it.

I used color because it is fresh and I thought it would photograph well. But this would still be pretty in just metallic. Or you could use the same idea for New Years with gold, silver, and black.

You could also add in fresh flowers instead of pine cones on the napkins, or in the glasses. If you wanted name tag a cute idea is to put them on a silver bell or a small pine cone.

Thanks Meghan for sharing these fun ways to make a DIY holiday tabletop!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

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