Weeknight Family Dinner Conversation Starter

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Recently I took my girls for a family dinner at my girlfriend’s house where they had the cutest weeknight family dinner conversation starter I wanted to share with you. We now do this with my family each night and provokes some interesting conversations!

It’s simple.

Everyone (including mom and dad) goes around the table and answers the following:

What was your thumbs up part of the day? 
What was your thumbs down part of the day?
What was your thumbs middle part of the day?

I thought these questions were great, because everyday really does consist of all the above ~ the good, the bad and the so-so.

I made a free printable of these questions for your kids to fill out if you would like a little activity to keep them busy in the 10 minutes while you are trying to get everything on the table!

Do you have any fun table topics or conversation starters you do with your family? Please share!


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