To Third or Not to Third? That Is The Question.

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My husband and I have been SO blessed with our little girls Sadie (5.5 yrs) and Lyla (3.5 yrs).  They both have their little adorable budding personalities and mean the absolute world to us.  They are our EVERYTHING.  We had always thought we would have three kids but lately we find ourselves having an almost constant conversation about whether to third or not to third? That is the question.

With Sadie entering kindergarten and Lyla her second year of preschool in the Fall, life has gotten a little bit easier for us-no one is on bottles, everyone is sleeping through the night and potty trained, the girls can talk to me to let me know when they need something, I don’t even keep a stroller in my car anymore…

If we decide to hold our current position of two kids, things might be a little bit easier long term logistically.  Such as figuring out after school schedules and playdates, being there to spectate their games & extracurricular activities, keeping track of their school work & needs.

I wouldn’t need to buy a bigger car, taking family vacations would mean only 2 extra plane tickets, and 1 extra hotel room (when they get older).  Not to mention we already have 2 college educations and 2 weddings to pay for (girls!).

There is so much love in this home, I believe we would have a very full and complete life with just the four of us.

All that being said, my husband and I both come from smaller families and have each thought it would have been nice to have had more siblings and a little more chaos growing up.

And busier, fuller Holidays!?  Sounds like a dream!

Considering the crazy amount of love we have for our daughters, I know our hearts would grow bigger and the love in our family would just multiply with another child.

Our girls have been putting in their requests to have a little baby brother or sister.  Which quite frankly caught me off guard the first time I heard it…

And, there’s always the what if we had a boy!?!

On several different occasions I’ve had women with two grown children tell me their only regret was not having another.  Actually, this past Mother’s Day my Mom told me she always wondered what their next child would have been like.  I had never heard her say that before.

Then again, on the other hand, I’ve had a Mom with three kids be brutally honest and tell me “Don’t do it, it puts you over the edge!”

The clock is ticking in terms of a decision since there would already be a 4+ year gap in age between Lyla and a newborn.

So my question is this, how did you know when your family was complete?    

Would love your comments below with your honest words of wisdom for us!  We can use any help we can get with this one!

Thanks so much!

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