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Do you think a personal stylist is a luxury or reserved for those with huge budgets? Think again! 

Affordable Orange County personal stylist, Jen, of  jeans | and | a | T makes personal styling accessible to moms like us who want to feel cute and confident in our every day lives – without breaking the bank. In fact, Jen can take you shopping right in your own closet and put together outfits you didn’t even know you had!

Jen believes style should be available to all budgets, sizes and needs. “I really want women (whether a full time working mama or a stay at home mom), to feel confident in what they wear every day.”

Whether you need to rock an outfit for the carpool, office or date night, she’ll help you put together outfits to put a little extra spring in your step and sparkle in your eye.

Susanne and I recently got to experience a personal styling session with Jen to do a closet detox and styling session. Here is how it all went down…


Susanne’s Closet Detox + Styling Session

My friend Jen has effortless style. She always looks so put together, mixes pattern and color in the most unexpected ways, is ahead of the trends, and rocks a little bit of edge in a classy way.  She is a style maven.

In her own words:

“Fashion is my vacation. It can enable anyone to express themselves in many different ways and that’s what I love most about it. Each year my style evolves and fine tunes. Here I am, 40 (!) and fashion continues to inspire me. I love it. All of it. And I want to share my love for fashion with those around me! And the name…who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans and a T? It has been and always will be a vision of effortless class and simple style.”

I love clothes.  Like, I love them a lot.  I’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the years and I’m not the best at weeding out, so I had a pretty full closet.  Being that I just had my 3rd and final babe and I’m transitioning back to my normal self again I was ready to purge.

I chose The Fashion Fix package which included:

– > Style survey which was completed before first consultation

– > Full closet detox, a review of each item (clothing + accessories) in closet, to be divided into three categories: keepers, tailor-bound, or charity bound

– > Styling of 4-6 outfits within your current wardrobe

– > Disposal of all unwanted items (transportation to local charity)

– > Unlimited access to stylist via text for two months regarding fashion advice, style ideas or just simply what to wear on a Friday night!

– > List of 5 new items needed to round out newly edited wardrobe.  Suggested items provided via Pinterest, Polyvore, etc. to help achieve style ambition!

With Jen’s help I gave away 2 full trash bags, not including the maternity items I had already pulled!  It feels so good to have my closet streamlined.  It was so wonderful to have someone give me an honest opinion as to what worked on me, what doesn’t, what’s dated and what had seen better days.


Jen took a few items I love in my closet that just weren’t working and told me how I could tailor them to bring them back to life.  Taking account my height and shape she suggested turning a maxi skirt into a “midi” and a knee length skirt I’m going to have made into a mini.  I’ve held onto these two skirts without a single wear for years because I love the prints- can’t wait to have them back in the mix!

She created outfits out of my clothes I would have NEVER thought to put together that work.

Pulling items I would have considered purging and she made me love them again.  This skirt I actually bought for a neon theme party and she loved it so much she styled an outfit around it!


Having a stylist on speed dial is also REALLY helpful… I was in a crunch with an outfit the other day and texted Jen for advice, I needed a sweater option.  The dress was a navy and cream stripe and I was wearing a bold turquoise and yellow necklace.  She pointed me in the right direction telling me jewel tones were my friend when I thought I would have had to go with a muted neutral.

Jen took notes as we were moving through my closet and she’s going to send me items she thinks would be good additions to my closet to fill the holes in my wardrobe.  I am very excited for this part of the process!

Here are a few more of the looks she styled for me that day…


If you have a life event coming up like a high school reunion, major birthday, important work event, baby shower, etc. I highly recommend having Jen come out and style you pretty!

My Closet Detox + Styling Session 

What I loved most about Jen was her honesty. 

There were so many pieces cluttering my closet I never wear because I don’t feel good in them. We went item by item and I could tell just by her face if it was a “please let this go” or “we can work with this!” piece.  Of the ones I didn’t feel good in, she confirmed I made the right choice when I admitted it was time to say good-bye.

And some things surprised me!

Like this Gap dress that is over  5 years old.  I haven’t been wearing it because I know how long I have had it. But what was old can be made NEW again.  Look at the belt she put with it! Never in a million years would I have thought of putting that belt on that dress. But it works!


I also loved being able to ask her HOW to style certain pieces.  I am obsessed with Golden Tote (affiliate link) and many of my pieces are G.T. ones I wear all the time. However, every now and then I get pieces I like but just don’t know how to wear.

Case in point, this long sleeveless sweater.  Not a problem for Jen, she showed me exactly how to wear it! I love this outfit, one of my new favorites I never knew I had in my closet!


As we were going through my accessories, Jen eyed one particular scarf and got a little twinkle in her eye. “I love this.” she said.

I was assuming she would put it on me like I had been wearing it – as a scarf around my neck – but no! To my amazement she made it into a wrap skirt, belted it and paired with a cropped denim jacket into a look I just love!


Affordable Orange County Personal Stylist

There are many personal stylists out there so I wanted I asked Jen from her perspective what makes jeans | and | a | T unique.

“I work with most any price point and I’m honest. So many people look at styling as a luxury service – and while I do have certain requirements as far as budget is concerned, I think it’s a lot less then most people expect. Second, I’m honest. I tell it like it is. If I don’t like something in your closet (whether brand new-or 4 years old-$20 or $400 – I’ll tell ya.) That’s what I’m  here for! Clients appreciate that and love the streamlined closet they walk into days after I visit. I’m also always available…in a pinch on a Friday night? – shoot me a photo and I’ll lead you in the right direction! Availability, accessibility and honesty – that’s what makes me tick.”

To learn more and following Jen on Social Media visit:

@jeans_and_a_t on Instagram.

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Bel Bambini Grand Opening Weekend

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If you are a mom and live in Orange County this Grand Opening event this weekend at Bel Bambini Newport Beach is not to be missed!

So Cal families are invited to join them this Saturday and Sunday, March 24th and 25th for two fun-filled days of food, music, kids’ entertainment, overflowing (ROCKIN’) raffle prizes, gifts with purchase and more. The event is free and open to the public.

Click HERE to see the itinerary of activities, including a special story time reading of Monster Removal Guide on Saturday by author Garett Gruber, which I just reviewed. Yay Garett!

At the event, you can save 10% off your baby registry for your friends and family when you make a registry appointment in person this weekend and you can save 10% off the ENTIRE STORE (with the exception of furniture, strollers and car seats.)

But speaking of furniture, car seats and strollers, they have RAFFLES of those items and others on the hour EVERY hour.  Seriously mamas, please CLICK HERE and scroll down to see the list of raffle items. I mean a stroller worth $1,100 and a $400 mini crib to only name two?! Unbelievable. Like I said, this event is a MUST!!

Give back and get a gift! Bel Bambini is a supporter of and customers are encouraged to bring in new or very gently used baby items (or a monetary donation) during their event and you’ll receive a free gift from Bel Bambini. Click HERE for a list of accepted donations.

Last month I got to attend a special preview of Bel Bambini’s newly opened second floor fashion boutique at a special blogger event co-hosted by Ciaran of Momfluential Media. There, amongst the yummy treats and fun activities for kids, we got the check out their couture baby and children’s lines and my daughter got to participate in the fashion show. Let me tell you, she was feeling like hot stuff in her delicious coral dress by Little Marc Jacobs. Swoon.

The boutique features pint-sized fashions by Baby Chloe, Baby Dior, Baby Fendi, Baby Hugo Boss, Baby Jean Paul Gaultier, Baby Stella McCartney, Baby Marc Jacobs, Baby Roberto Cavalli and more.

You might need to pack your own bib when you visit so you are prepared for your “mommy drool.”

Now between the lower level stroller park, beautiful gifts and chic nursery decor vignettes, there is now a FULL second level totally devoted to clothing and layette items. There is no other baby boutique quite like it in OC. Have I told you that you MUST go? Hope to see you there!

[Photo credit: Bel Bambini, with the exception of my iPhone shot of my model in the coral dress above collage lower left!

Disclosure: My daughter and I attended the event and were fed yummy treats and left with a fun swag bag with goodies. In addition, we will be receiving a gift card to Bel Bambini to thank us for our participation. This is not a compensated post and all words and opinions are my own.  Especially the enthusiasm regarding the RAFFLE.]


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Ready, set – dress! The Wardrobe Code

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Last Thanksgiving weekend, we shipped the kids off to stay with their grandparents for two nights and my husband and I did a major garage clean out and I worked on cleaning up my office. I filled 8 trash bags with JUNK that was cluttering up my office, and since that project I have been in a major “purge and organize” mode.

One of my 2012 goals was to tackle my closet. For some reason, this is the hardest project for me as I tend to hold on to things for “maybe someday I will wear it” reasons. I don’t know about you, but in the last 6 years and 2 pregnancies, my wardrobe has been through the wringer as I have been about a gazillion different sizes, which makes it so hard!!

So when I met Nicole Longstreath of and learned more about her services, I thought it would be an awesome blog feature as I am sure I am not the only mom needing help in this arena!

Ready, set ~ dress!

The goal behind Nicole’s “Ready, set ~ dress!” service is simple (and brilliant.) Her aim is to help her clients create an outfit for any occasion that makes them feel confident and stylish from items already in your closet!

So Nicole paid me a visit last week and we went through the entire process. For me, it was very much an insightful and eye-opening (and somewhat) psychological experience. More about this later, but I truly have  a newfound clarity when looking at my wardrobe because it is pared down to the pieces that…

a…I really like.
b…are flattering.
c…are items I will actually wear.

Imagine that!?!

But first, let me tell you a little on how it works.

Nicole started by giving me a brief presentation on her iPad on the essentials of a well-rounded wardrobe. From there, she asked me to get out my calendar and tell her what was coming up in the weeks ahead so we could plan out my outfits. You guys, how FUN is that??

Then we hit my closet.

I feel like I should mention that Nicole is VERY kind.

The thought of someone going through your clothes and possibly “criticizing” your wardrobe choices can be a tad intimidating.

But I never felt judged or uncomfortable.

If there was an item that was something questionable, she would always start out with, “Do you wear this often?”

And my answer was usually “no!” because in my gut I already knew it was old, frumpy, out of style or didn’t fit! She just helped me realize what I likely already knew. And from there, it made it easy to just get rid of it!

The best part was that I could try things on for her, and get an honest opinion from an outside point of view. This is incredibly valuable!

Here is a video and a brief example of the streamlining portion (aka “The Edit!!)

After we were done, I was left with a pile of clothes to donate. It was so liberating to feel so free of clothes I didn’t like!

And here is where the psychology part comes in.

Through the conversations I had with her on the different pieces in my closet, and after looking at my pile of donations, it was very clear to me that I had a definite pattern when buying clothes. It seems that I buy a lot of dark, solid, muddy, neutral colors.

Being a practical person and trying to watch the budget, I think I was buying those colors because I deemed them to be more versatile and thought I would get more use out of them. But what it left me with is a wardrobe that has been somewhat uninspiring.

When we started talking about new pieces to buy, she told me to go towards the pieces that my eye is attracted to, because those pieces are like a little insight into your personality.

What I realized is that I have been buying clothes that do not truly reflect who I am. It was a big A-HA! moment.

After the closet was cleaned out, Nicole then went through and organized my clothes by type. My closet now makes sense. It’s awesome.

When the clothes were organized, it was VERY easy to see where I had gaps and needed to fill in with a few pieces, and where I had been over-buying the same sorts of things.

Now when I go shopping, I feel like I have a PLAN and DIRECTION. She also gave me suggestions on the types of pieces, colors, fabric types to buy when I am out shopping. SO helpful.

From there, she then put together 14 different outfits for the things I have coming up so I actually have a wardrobe plan! I can’t tell you how much fun it is to have some new combinations, and rediscover pieces I haven’t been wearing.

This is all without spending $1 shopping.

Are you sold? I bet you want to know how much this session costs – right?!

For this 3 hour consultation, Nicole charges $249. Yep, that’s it. Just think how much money you will save from finding a new wardrobe from within your wardrobe!

But, the price is going up on March 1st to $299, however she is extending a special offer for Tiny Oranges readers: if you book your consultation with her before March 1st, she will extend the old price of $249 to you if the session takes place before 03/31/12. And to make it more fun, Nicole will also include a personalized wardrobe building pin board  like this on Pinterest!

She has also offered to include a free copy of her e-book, Reclaiming Your Wardrobe, for any Tiny Oranges reader that books a service with her.

The book will guide you through organizing and editing your wardrobe and will help give you a plan for shopping strategically for your unique style.

I have a copy of the book and LOVE it!  It is a fun read – girlfriend to girlfriend style – and so helpful.

I think this is a highly valuable service and you will leave it feeling lighter, clearer, inspired and better about yourself!

To book an appointment with Nicole, you can click here and easily book online.

Visit for more information or click here to send an email.

Tweet with @TheWardrobeCode on Twitter and follow the latest fashion happenings with her over at

[Disclosure: I received a complimentary service to facilitate this review. All my opinions are 100% genuine, of course, and I would have gladly paid for this service knowing how beneficial it is!]

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Tea Collection Fashions + Giveaway

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I first was introduced to Tea Collection clothing a couple years ago when my girlfriend gave us a darling little wrap dress that was a hand-me-down from her daughter.

It quickly became one of our staple pieces and my daughter wore it ALL of the time. I was very impressed with how well it held up wear after wear which is definitely the sign of a quality clothing company. You know you have a high-quality piece when a hand-me-down still looks great after going through two kids!

So recently when a representative contacted me from Tea Collection about a review and giveaway I very enthusiastically accepted because:

#1. I already know and LOVE this brand
#2. I am thrilled to get to offer one of my readers a $100 gift certificate to shop!


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Eli’s Lids Giveaway!

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Eli’s Lids was started by a local OC mom, Kara-Noel, after she found out she was expecting her first little boy in 2006. After doing some shopping for “boy stuff” she quickly discovered that often baby boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion and style.

Soon after she began developing her line, starting at the top with Lids. After multiple prototypes she came up with Lids for today’s hip baby.  Whether your son (or daughter!) is a surfer, skater, snowboarder or just plain rocks, she has created a Lid that will reflect your family’s style without looking too “baby!”

Based on style AND function, her stretchy fold-up designs are practical and grow with the kiddos, so you can get a lot of wear out of them. One of my friends said her lid lasted through two of her boys!   The smaller size lids fit newborns – 1 and larger size fits kids 1 – 5 years.

To know Kara-Noel personally is to love her, she has that sort of infectious personality and good heart, so it is not surprising that her company donates 10% of their profits to Surfer’s Healing, an awesome non-profit that holds surf camps for children with autism.

Click HERE to shop her lids, tees & gift bundles AND enter Eli’s Lids coupon code “TINYORANGES” for $4 off now through 12/31/10!   This makes a perfect gift idea for a little one this Christmas.

And keep your eye out for her newsboy hats & ties coming soon!

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive their choice of Lid (based on availability – US residents only!)

Contest runs through December 17th at 5pm PST. I will email you if you are the winner, so please leave your email address in your entry (won’t be published.)

Lots of different options on how to enter – please leave a separate comment for each entry option!

1. Click HERE and tell me – which is your favorite Lid? – 1 ENTRY

2. {Like} Eli’s Lids on Facebook – 1 ENTRY

3. Follow @ElisLids on Twitter -1 ENTRY

4. {Like} Tiny Oranges on Facebook – 1 ENTRY

5. Follow @TinyOrangesOC on Twitter – 1 ENTRY

6. Join the Tiny Oranges Team to participate in the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Run/Walk on 5/1/11 and raise money for a great cause and have a ton of fun while doing it!  Click “Join Our Team” at the top of this LINK.  Then tell me you are on our team!  {CLICK HERE to visit my page with all the information.}– 1 ENTRY


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