Favorite Apps for Girls

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I thought it might be helpful to share our favorite Apps for girls and I am hoping you will be willing to share yours in the comments below because we need some new Apps!

Since I just have girls, we have a lot of girly ones, but some that are unisex too.  Boy mamas, would love your favorites as well, so I can do a favorite Apps for boys post next!

Morgan’s Favorites (she is newly 3 years)

* Talking Tom Cat (Out Fit 7 Ltd.)
* First Words Animals (Learning Touch)
* Wheels on the Bus (Duck Duck Moose)
* Strawberry Shortcake (Soma Creates)
* Starfall ABCs (Starfall Education)
* Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (THUP Games)
* Letter Tracer Preschool (Niftybrick Software)

Both Girls’ Favorites (ages 3 and 6)

* CookieDoodle (Shoe the Goose)
* TieDyeDoodle (Shoe the Goose) – They LOVE LOVE LOVE this one
* Art Set (LOFOPI)
* CakeDoodle (Shoe the Goose)
* Monkey Math School Sunshine (THUP Games)
* Cupcakes! (Maverick Software LLC)
* AniMatch: Animal Matching (Lima Sky)

Emma’s Favorites (6 years old)

* Math Bingo (ABCya.com)
* Math Magic (Anusen Inc)
* Word Magic (Anusen Inc)
* Make Me a Princess (Captive Games)
* Make-Up Girls (Touch Apps)
* iDress (Toy Box)
* Mermaid  Dress Up (Captive Games)
* Fair Food Maker (Sunstorm Interactive)
* Minnie Bow Maker (Disney)

Your turn! Do share!

Have a super weekend everyone!


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