Gift Idea: The Wicked Big Toddlah

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One of our friends got this beautiful, hardcover book, “The Wicked Big Toddlah” by Kevin Hawkes for Morgan’s first birthday and it has become such a hit in our house, I had to write about it and give my mommy review.  I am always looking for great gift ideas for kids and sometimes find myself stumped on the age or sex (I have no idea about boy stuff!) Therefore, when I discover a great gift that could be for a boy or girl, and could be given to a child ages birth through at least age 4 or 5,  it is like hitting the gift idea jackpot!

I personally love getting and giving books for birthday presents because you know it is a gift that will last a long time. And selfishly, after reading the same books again and again, as a mom I love to throw some different titles into the bedtime mix.  It is also nice to have books that I actually enjoy reading too. And this book is just plain fun to read!

With hilarious illustrations with clever detail, it tells the story of an overgrown baby named Toddie growing up during his first year in Maine {therefore the use of local vernacular like “wicked” and the pronunciation of “toddlah.”}

The book opens with a stork delivering a VERY large baby to the hospital and the baby’s uncle Bert yells, “That’s a wicked big toddlah ya got theyah, Jessie!”   The book had me laughing from page one.   Toddie is so big he takes baths in lakes and takes bites out of trees when he starts eating solids.  And the diaper changing page is hysterical.  Let’s just say it really does take a village.

Although Morgan at one is too young to appreciate this story just YET, big sis Emma, at 4 years, thinks this book is an absolute riot. I  have read it every night to her since we got it and she giggles at every turn of the page. Even trying out her own Maine accent, like Toddie, when he learns to speak and says, “Hihowaahya?” {Translation: Hi, how are you?”}

If you are like me and trying to simplify your life these days, pick up a stash of this title to have on hand for birthday parties, and you will not only give a great gift but will avoid a last minute dash to Target!  Buy enough to total $25, and you get free shipping on Amazon too!

Seriously, it’s wicked funny.

{Disclosure: We received the book as a gift and I wanted to share this fun find.  However, I am signed up as an Amazon Affiliate, which means if you click the link to the book above and purchase it online through my link I receive an itsy-bitsy sort of commission. You can click this link here too…The Wicked Big Toddlah…thanks!}

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PosePrints Stationery

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I met PosePrints back at the SV Moms event in February and I was one of the lucky raffle winners that won a gift certificate!  Since I have my baby’s first birthday coming up in a few weeks {seriously, how did THAT happen?} I decided to use PosePrints to do a cute little invite for her!

Her birthday is July 2nd so I thought a 4th of July birthday theme was only appropriate!  And they had the CUTEST design! I was sooo excited!

Their site is so amazingly cute.  You create your OWN caricature to put on your stationery.  So, you customize the hair color, eyes, outfit, accessories, etc. etc.   Just go on their site and play around with it for fun!

So I did my little caricature, but then I had a question about fonts to see if there were more options. They emailed right back with more options.   Then, I asked if I could do the single barrette in red, and they totally could!  They were able to customize and had the most AMAZING customer service.

Here is my little invite…

And a recent picture of my ALMOST 1 year old!   The look in her eyes in this picture totally reminded me of the caricature!

I love fun finds & unique ideas!  I think you will love this company too…

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