I Have a First Grader

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Emma starts first grade today. Holy moly. We’re in the big leagues now with the longer days.

This summer she grew and changed so much, more than in any other time of her little life that I can remember thus far. She really is a different kid when I think of the difference between the first day today and the first day last year.

Starting Kindergarten was hard!!!!! It really took a good month for the entire family to adjust to the new groove.

This first day is so much better and I am so GRATEFUL.

I love that we both know what to expect. I love that I don’t have to stress about how drop off and pick up works. I love that I know so many more faces and families. I love that she is excited to see her friends from last year. I love that instead of being overwhelming, it is more exciting.

So mamas, please tell me, how did your back-to-school transition go??

I hope it was an easier one for you too!  And to you first time Kinder moms, you will get through it! Hang in there…



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