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Our groove is sort of off this summer.  It is our first summer after a full year of preschool and our nice little school year rhythm just feels interrupted. Add to that the fact that my baby still naps two times a day, and that means we are home a lot.  Lately my 4 year old has needed a lot more supervision on ideas to keep her busy.  I am having to get creative myself.  If ANYONE has any other easy activities, please comment!  I need help!

I found myself creating an impromptu art project the other day. I thought I might as well make it into a blog in case anyone else is bored going crazy I mean looking for a fun easy summer activity!

The pull stuff out of your cabinets and make it into an art project collage!

Supplies needed:

1. Paper
2. Magazines or in our case a Bed Bath N Beyond mailer (which incidentally has a lot of good collage items! Who knew?)
3. Scissors
4. White glue
5. Paintbrush (optional)
6. Food coloring (optional)

My daughter asked me to make the glue a color. I guess they have colored glue at school.  So we ended up making different glue color combos using the food coloring which served absolutely no purpose other than being entertaining!   And she had fun using a paintbrush to brush on the colored glue to stick on the pictures.

The whole project entertained her for awhile & I got a kick out of cutting out random pictures and seeing them glued on a piece of construction paper.  Oh, the things that entertain me now…wow.

{I was just going to use one of these pics for my Wordless Wednesday but now that I am done writing it, I realize my Wordless Wednesday has a lot of words! For more Wordless Wednesday pictures head on over to Angry Julie Monday.}

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