Free Personalized Coloring Pages – SO CUTE!

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This find is too cute, I had to share. I have been a big fan of Frecklebox for years now and their darling personalized products and gifts.  Now they are offering free personalized coloring pages for kids that are just so cute! My daughter went crazy over them.

It’s so cute and easy, you just click on the one you want, then add in your child’s name, and click “preview” and then you can print it out yourself.

We are always looking for fun coloring projects and these have entertained my daughters for a long time! Oh, it is so fun to find cool free activities like this!

Also make sure to check out their cool products for back to school!  I personally love their lunchboxes and binders!

{Disclosure: Tiny Oranges is a Frecklebox Affiliate.}

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Frecklebox Chore Charts

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When I saw these Chore Charts on Frecklebox I thought it might be the perfect thing to motivate my 4-year-old to start pulling her weight around here a little!  Ha!  But seriously, I have been thinking lately that she is definitely old enough to start doing little things around the house to help.  And this is the perfect thing to provide direction.

They are 11.5″ x 11″, personalized and can be hung via velcro or a magnet and come with a dry erase marker.

Use Frecklebox Coupon Code “CHORE15” through October 22nd, 2010 and save 15% on your ENTIRE order!

{Disclosure: Tiny Oranges is a Frecklebox Affiliate}

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