Do You Doodle?

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I am the organizing type. I love to bring groups of people together and plan events.

Awhile back I wrote about a Kindergarten Meet-Up group I was organizing this summer to help make the kindergarten transition easier come fall for my little one.

Well, my “little” meet up group grew to about 35 families and when talking to a fellow mom about how I could pick a date that would work for the most people she said, “Do a Doodle!”

A what-le?

A Doodle!

The Type-A planner in me was intrigued. I was off to do my first Doodle and fell in love.

Doodle is a free site where you can create polls to help find a date / time that works for the majority to plan a meeting or event.

It’s free for the basic poll set up, which is all you need. You simply create an account, and then make a poll with different date and time options to crowd source for an upcoming event date.

When you are done, you copy the link created for your poll and then send it to your peeps for them to fill out the dates/times that would work for them.

If someone can make it on a specific day / time, you check the box. Unchecked box means “no good.”

At the end of the poll, you can get a summary of the winning date / time that works for the most people so you can schedule your event.

This would be so great for moms’ nights out, girls’ weekends, family get togethers, scout meetings, committee meetings, you name it.  If you need to bring a group of people together, do a Doodle and you will save a ton of time, and a gazillion unnecessary “reply all” emails!

Had to share. xo

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