Zoomars: Innocent, Old Fashioned Fun! {Giveaway}

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Have you been to Zoomars Petting Zoo yet? Lyla (my 3 year old girl) and I visited on Monday morning and had the BEST time!

Their motto is “Innocent, Old Fashioned Fun!”  Isn’t that refreshing in our world of cell phones, iPods &  iPads?  To be able to shut it all down & show our kids how things were done in the olden days?

Be sure to enter below for a chance to win one of two Zoomars Zap Passes (good for 20 anytime visits, a $75 value)!!!

We have been so busy lately that I loved taking a few hours to slow it down and focus on enjoying some quality time just she and I.

First stop was the bunny rabbit/guinea pig pen.  Armed with a bin of vegetables (available for purchase at check in)- Lyla couldn’t get enough of the cuddles and feeding the adorable little guys.

Then we wandered over to the Alpacas- we found them fascinating, their big round eyes, the way their top lip split in two as they ate our carrots, and don’t get me started on their FANCY new hair-do’s!  They are freshly back from the groomers and they almost look like Alpaca-poodles!  Too cute.

Next she took a spin on a precious pony in the FANTASTIC new horse corral.  There were two to choose from, a cute pony and what I would call a horse.  My brave little girl wanted the big one!  When she was placed in the secure saddle (complete with a back rest) she said “Look I’m up high like Daddy!” (Her Daddy is tall)

Then we were off to the corn box.  It’s a sand box but instead of sand, it’s filled with millions of dried corn kernels!  Lyla was in heaven diving & rolling around making snow angels (or rather corn angels).  All of the parents standing around were  marveling at the sheer brilliance of this concept.

She loved the playground’s swings & slides, the loopy train ride & then back to the bunny rabbit/guinea pig pen.

At the Miner’s Gulch kids can pan for emeralds, rubies, crystals, sharks teeth, arrowheads, dinosaur bones, even fools gold!  Party like it’s 1849 and bring your next birthday party to Zoomars to partake and your guests have a built in goody bag!

Or if you are a SERIOUS gold digger you can even spring a few extra bucks to pan for REAL GOLD!  

Keep an eye out for a new rabbit run & a second guinea pig pen for double the cuddly fun coming soon!  The Zoomars family has also recently welcomed three new llamas Buttercup, Dia & Jack to their crew!  Be sure you stop by to welcome them to their new home.

Oh & you can’t leave without saying HOLA to Pedro the Potbellied Piggie!  He wagged his tail just like an excited little puppy & I REALLY wanted to take him home with me…

More Exciting Happenings at Zoomars in the months to come~


Free train rides in May for Check-Ins on Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp.


Magic Matt Young will be dazzling at Zoomars June 22nd & 23rd to with exciting close up magic!

June is Zap Pass appreciation month!  Use your Zap Pass to spin the wheel and win FREE stuff like train rides & feed baskets!


Summer Camp for ages 3.5-10 starts the week of July 23rd- lead by a descendant of the Californian Achjachemen Nation, Jacque Nunez. Where Kids Connect with Mother Earth and learn about animals and what they teach us through creative play, games, songs, crafts & storytelling.  A 1:6 teacher to student ratio for an enhanced learning experience.  Washing Tonka the Turtle is always a huge hit!

Check out their site for details.  Be sure to secure your spot now & use code TINYORANGES for 15% off camp tuition!


Mark your calendar~ Zoofest (3 live bands!) August 24 to kick off San Juan’s Rodeo week!

*   *   *   *   *

If  it were up to Lyla we would have stayed at Zoomars ALL DAY.  

(Next time I should plan accordingly!)

Have fun making quality memories and sharing some good old fashioned family fun at Zoomars!

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(Zoomars is a beloved Tiny Oranges Sponsor- be sure to check them out in our OC Biz Guide under Birthday Party Venues + Petting Zoos!) 

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