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Plan a Day Out OC Family Guide

Recently I was reminded of just how AWESOME this things to do with kids in OC website called Plan a Day Out is so I had to share again with you.

Seriously, every mom in OC should know about this website.   

My girlfriend and I wanted to take our oldest girls ice skating today in OC. We have never been ice skating in Orange County before so I started to do some web research on ice skating rinks in OC, having to click on options one by one to find out if they even had public skating hours on Mondays.

Then I remembered about www.planadayout.com and went to their site to search “ice skating” in the search box which resulted in an “Ice skating for kids and families in Orange County” summarized page.

On the page was a list of OC ice skating rinks you can click on to find out hours, pricing, info, etc. Seriously cut my research time down to almost nothing. Within minutes I had found two rinks that were perfect options.

Kudos to the woman behind this site who has made finding things to do with kids in OC so easy.

You don’t even have to know what you want to do! The best part about this site is all the IDEAS it will give you. Things you might not even think about right in your own backyard.

You can simply search by date or date range and distance and you will find lists of things to do with kids in OC just for ideas. Or, filter your search by category, or for example to show ideas of free things to do. It’s really amazing.

Bookmark this page and share with your friends!

Have a very happy holiday Monday. What are you doing with your kids today??


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Pumpkinpalooza at ZOOMARS Petting Zoo

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Happy Friday! Anyone getting ready to check out some OC pumpkin patches this weekend?  If yes, I wanted to share all the pumpkin fun going on right now at Pumpkinpalooza at ZOOMARS Pettting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano! ZOOMARS is open daily from 9am – 5pm.

One of this year’s themes at Pumpkinpalooza celebrates the popular children’s story “Spookley the Square Pumpkin.”

Spookley is a book about celebrating each other’s differences and a strong anti-bullying story used by Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center in conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month.

The story is about a square pumpkin living in a round pumpkin world and delivers a message of tolerance and kindness.  Pumpkinpalooza features fun story boards where parents and children can read about Spookley and makes for a great parent activity at ZOOMARS during the month of October.

In addition to all the fabulous fun things found year round at ZOOMARS, at Pumpkinpalooza you will find tons of pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Not just your traditional orange!  You can search for grey, white, even red pumpkins to spice up your holiday decor.

There is also a fun hay maze for kids to navigate and a corn box (like a sand box filled with corn kernels!) where kids can explore this sensory sensation.

Kids will also find a ring toss and special pumpkin decorating section set up after their perfect pumpkin has been selected.  On the weekends, a face painter will also be on property to paint your little one’s faces.

If you haven’t been to ZOOMARS Petting Zoo before, and are looking for fun things to do with kids in OC, ZOOMARS is a must visit, because all year round at ZOOMARS you will find:

* Train rides
* Petting zoo
* Guinea and bunny feeding pen
* Pony rides
* Playground
* Miner’s Gulch to mine for treasures (HUGE hit with the kids!)
* Corn box
* And more!

It is an inexpensive outing and such a fun way to spend the day. As a bonus, the property is walking distance from the San Juan Capistrano train station, so ZOOMARS is also a perfect destination if you would like to take your kids on a train ride and make it into a day trip.

Bottom line – ZOOMARS Petting Zoo is just good old fashioned fun!

31791 Los Rios Street
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Follow ZOOMARS on Facebook ~ @ZOOMARS on Twitter

[Disclosure: ZOOMARS is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor, check out their top banner ad, and we are thrilled to spread the word about this fun OC spot for kids!]

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