Create Your Own Backyard Ice Skating Rink!

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shaving cream ice skating

I’m am always keeping my eyes and ears open for new, creative ideas to keep my kids active and happy. Some of my favorite preschool teachers at Grace Christian Preschool shared this hysterical idea for shaving cream ice skating…a perfect winter activity for your next play date, birthday party at home, or park day.

Yes, you too can create your own backyard ice skating rink using shaving cream.

Warning:  this will get messy!

Living in Southern California, we don’t have too many opportunities to play in the snow, unless we pack up the family and head to the mountains. So I guess this is the closest we will get to ice skating in our own backyard this sunny winter in SoCal.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Thick painters plastic tarp

– Something to weight down each side

– Two to three cans of shaving cream

– A patch of grass in your backyard or at the park

– Your barefoot children dressed in something that can be thrown in the wash

Lay out the tarp, evenly (or was evenly as possible) shake out all of the shaving cream on the tarp, move anything away from the edges that the kiddos could fall on…and voila! Your own ice skating rink.

I am usually such a neat freak that my kids LOVE when I plan a messy activity – so this one is in the plans. And, those sweet smiles and giggles as they’ll be pretending to glide will definitely worth the mess!

Have fun!  Let me know how your shaving cream ice skating goes…

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