Time to Get Ready, Bunny!

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I wanted to share this cute children’s book called “Time to Get Ready, Bunny!” for any parent who has ever struggled with delays in getting your kids ready for school. Ring a bell?

The silly Bunny finds many distractions during the getting ready routine, whether playing with toys instead of getting dressed or climbing on the counter instead of brushing his teeth, this story will hit a funny bone in both kids and parents alike.

What I loved most is that it gives children the chance to play the role of parent when reading the story.

For example, I can ask my 3 year old, is Bunny dressed right? And she will shout “NO!” I think it’s cute for kids to play the role of “rule enforcer” when reading a book.

My preschooler particularly loves this story and giggling at Bunny’s shenanigans. I highly recommend for anyone who has struggled with morning time delays!

Time to Get Ready, Bunny! is available on Amazon.com in paperback or e-book.

This book is written by local OC mom, Brenda Ponnay and published by xist Publishing specializing in books for the touchscreen generation.  You can sign up for their e-newletter and receive a free children’s e-book and a free PDF printable for you and your family with each monthly newsletter.

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