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Personal Gift Wrapping Idea for Kids

When I went into our gift wrap cabinet for paper to wrap my nephew’s birthday gifts this week, I realized I was out of any wrapping that could be considered even remotely “boyish.” Out of necessity, we discovered this personal gift wrapping idea for kids which turned out to be such a fun project, I wanted to share with you.

With the party a couple hours out, and no time (or energy) to run to the store I wracked my brain with something we could wrap it with…

Newspaper? Too messy. Magazines? Eh.

And then I spotted a roll of white poster paper we used to make a Bake Sale sign last year and thought, “Perfect!”

We wrapped his gifts in this white poster paper, and then both girls went to work making personal art creations for their cousin.

It was the perfect canvas for my daughter’s pirate message.

Many times my girls will want to include hand drawn or written birthday cards for their friends, so I thought this was a fun and unique way to make a personal gift for children.

Not to mention it was about a 30 minute project which was a nice way to fill some time in the summer afternoon.

Do you have any unique gift wrapping ideas for kids? Please share!

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