WWYD?! He’s Just Not That Into You

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Welcome to WWYD?! Wednesday, where we discuss real life parenting issues (big or small) our readers are facing and ask for YOUR comments with advice, experience, information or any helpful tips you might have. It takes a village people. Seriously. Sometimes just one voice in the village can make a difference. You could be that voice today. Can you help?

Today’s topic: preschool playground problems

Preschool Playground Problems

My reader’s son is getting some unsolicited attention from the girls at school. And girls, unfortunately I hate to break it to you, but he’s just not that into you.

Read more about it here…

“There are a few girls at my son’s preschool that really want to play with him.

After school many kids stay to play, and my son and his boy buddies typically play boy type games. Guns, chase, monsters, etc… and he has NO interest at all in playing with the girls.  

School is his only place where he gets to hang with his buddies after school without his sister and her friends. He’s around girls all of the time, and I think he likes his boy time.

These girls follow him around until he gets mad and pushes them. I tell these girls to not play with him. I tell him to walk away from them, but they continue to follow him around.  

I don’t feel I should have to make him include the girls but I feel a strong vibe I am unliked because of this. That does not bother me, but I don’t want him to get pushed to the point of getting mad at them and lashing out.  I don’t know what to do! Help!”

What would you all do?!

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