This Bar Saves Lives

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Complimentary product sample sent for review.

This Bar Saves Lives

This Bar Saves Lives, the makers of 3 yummy non-GMO snack bars, just launched at Sprouts markets nationwide and I felt compelled to write about these bars after learning about their company with a cause.

Did you have any idea severe acute malnutrition claims the lives of upwards of 2.6 million children a year; or one child every 12 seconds? Did that just give you the chills?

The founders of This Bar Saves Lives came face-to-face with severe malnutrition upon visiting a refugee camp in Liberia on a humanitarian trip.

They were floored by the life-saving food that was fighting malnutrition called Plumpy’Nut®, a sort of “miracle supplement” saving children from the brink of starvation.

Right there they wondered if they could make a wholesome, delicious nutrition bar to sell and use to raise awareness and funds to help starving children worldwide.

So they did.

This Bar Saves Lives

For every bar purchased, a packet of life-saving food is donated to a child at risk of starvation. 

The all natural, non-GMO snack bars are made from ethically sourced ingredients from the best farms, like wild blueberries from Maine, roasted pistachios from California and clover honey from Wisconsin.

And, the bars are DELICIOUS!!!!

I was sent the Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey to sample, and I loved it!  My girls loved them too. But most of all, I loved explaining how the owners of this company are making a difference in children’s lives across the world with their healthy bars. Now that’s beautiful.

Look for This Bar Saves Lives at your local Sprouts, purchase online here or use the store locator to find a store by you.

You can even save 15% by signing up for their monthly bar club. Visit the website to learn more or watch this adorable video.

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Patrick’s Sunscreen [Giveaway!]

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Did you know that children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV radiation?

Excessive sun exposure in children is likely to contribute to skin cancer later in life. Did you know that one bad blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence can actually double the chance of developing melanoma later in life? Scary.

The mechanisms are not totally clear, but some think that the skin is more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV radiation during childhood.  That’s why I am taking NO chances with my children, especially since melanoma runs in my family.

And when choosing a sunscreen for my kids (and myself), opting for one that is chemical-free is really important, which is why I am very happy to share Patrick’s Sunscreen with you.

Make sure to enter below to win your own supply of Patrick’s just in time for lazy beach days and afternoons at the pool.

Patrick’s Sunscreen was created by a So Cal dad (Patrick’s dad to be exact!) who was inspired to create a healthy product to help families protect their loved ones from the sun, but was also looking for a way he could help give back to local organizations in the community.

Their trademarked Mineral Shield formula provides chemical-free 50 SPF protection. It’s gentle, water and sweat resistant, does not sting and is not greasy.

We spent this last weekend at the pool at the Fairmont Newport Beach and it was the first time I used Patrick’s Sunscreen on my girls.  Getting sunscreen on them usually causes a big fuss, but I told them, this is NEW sunscreen, just SMELL it.  And my oldest (who hates sunscreen application) yelled, “It smells like coconut!” and happily let me apply. She also has incredibly sensitive skin and it did not bother or sting her at ALL. Victory! 

Because it is a zinc formula, you can see exactly where you have applied because it goes on with a white film, and more importantly, where you missed, so you can cover them head to toe in a coconut-y chemical-free protective shield. This makes mommy feel so good for a beach or pool day.

It is also a BROAD SPECTRUM sunscreen, meaning that it protects from both the UVA and UBA rays that can contribute to skin cancer and sun burns. Interestingly enough, this summer the FDA is making changes to how sunscreens are marketed in the US. Prior rules dealt exclusively with protection against sunburn (primarily caused by UVB rays), but did not address UVA rays, which contribute to skin cancer and early skin aging.  So, looking for a product that is labeled broad spectrum, is extremely important.

Patrick’s Sunscreen is also one of the only sunscreen companies in the US that participates in fundraising programs for schools, athletic programs and other charitable organizations, all the while promoting the importance of sun safety. If you do a fundraiser with Patrick’s, they will donate up to 40-50% of the proceeds to your organization. Pretty awesome, right? For more information, you can contact ashlyn{@} or call 714.612.4764.

And I thought this was a very cool product as I have never seen this before! Patrick’s Sunscreen Towelettes are the perfectly portable sunscreen to throw in the diaper bag or stroller so you are never without your sun protection for last minute jaunts to the park. These are not the same chemical-free formula due to the consistency that has to be achieved for use in a towelette but do offer 30 SPF protection, in a delicate lotion that goes on light and greaseless.

These are very easy to use, and a convenient product to send along with your kids so they can apply themselves before soccer or baseball practice after school.

And don’t forget mom!  Throw your Patrick’s Towelettes in your purse for you to have in your purse to protect your shoulders as you watch practice in your tank top!

I love a family-friendly, community-focused company with a goal to help people’s health and wellness, but also the people in the community.

Win it! One lucky reader will win this cute Patrick’s gift basket filled with summer fun sun protection! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Disclosure: Patrick’s Sunscreen is a Tiny Oranges sponsor and I am so proud to support a company working to protect our kiddo’s skin from the sun! I was also provided product for review.]

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A Sweet Lesson for Kids on Giving Back

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We did this fun (easy) charity project last year with my then 4 1/2 year old daughter Emma and I wanted to share because it was such a sweet lesson for kids on giving back!

As many of you already know, in 2011, I organized a team through my blog to participate in the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Run / Walk called Team Tiny Oranges. I signed both my daughters up for the 1K Kids’ Fun Run, so they each had a personal fundraising page for our team.

For Emma’s  fun-draising I thought it would be meaningful to find a way for her to get involved so we held a donut sale called “Emma’s Sweet Shop” at our bi-annual block yard sale.

In the end she raised over $258 of which we were able to donate 100% to the PCRF to help kids with cancer!

By the way, I JUST started Team Tiny Oranges 2012 to participate in the PCRF event this year on May 6th, 2012 so I would LOVE it if you and your families could join us and get involved!

If you can’t make it on that date, I hope this post might still inspire you to join our team as a “Virtual Participant” and you can do one of these projects with your kids without having to physically go on May 6th. However, I sure hope you can because it is a truly inspirational and amazing event!

Tips on How to Hold a Kids’ Charity Sale

1. Pick your sale item(s) – Since our yard sale was early AM, I thought it would be fitting (and EASY) to do donuts and ORANGE juice for Team Tiny Oranges. But you could sell anything!

About a week ahead of time I called up, Oh Those Donuts, to pre-order the donuts for pick-up. I asked to talk to the manager and briefly told him what I was doing and what the money was going to be donated to.I was shocked when he said he would be able to donate X number of donuts to help us! I wasn’t expecting any donation, so it goes to show you, it doesn’t hurt to mention it!

If you are ever in the Newport / Costa Mesa area, please show some love for Oh Those Donuts on Newport Boulevard! I LOVE a company with a big heart!

2. Pick your location – The yard sale was a perfect location for us as we had lots of people coming through our street that day.

But you could also pick a busy neighborhood park on a Saturday morning, a kids’ sports game (maybe sell bottled waters?!), or basically anyplace that gets a lot of people coming by.

If you call and speak to a manager at a grocery store ahead of time, you can often get approval to put up your stand outside their store if you book a date and time.

Or, stick your stand out on your front lawn and see what happens!

3. Get your materials ready. I suggest:

* 6′ table for set up and display (I also am a sucker for a cute tablecloth and possibly some tabletop decor! I got some fun Trader Joe’s daisies to brighten the table.) Along with a couple of chairs if you are going to be out there for a few hours.

* Some sort of way to keep your money organized. In our case, we used Emma’s play cash register from Lakeshore Learning. If your kids are old enough, this is an AMAZING math lesson on adding and subtracting to make change!

* Small bills for change. I went to the bank ahead of time and got a bunch of smaller bills, like $1’s and $5’s.

* Signage. I printed a sign and put it in a frame on the table to advertise the profits were 100% donated to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Helps with the sales and also makes sure people don’t balk at the price of the donuts! Ha!

* Napkins. We got a bunch of orange napkins from the $.99 Cent Store.

* Trash can or trash bag. Good to have handy for used napkins.


* Price things simple. We did the donuts at $1 / each or 3 donut holes for $1. That way you don’t have to make a bunch of change.

* Sales training. I had Emma greet people, take orders and and then say “thank you” after the sale for as long as she could last without getting tired. Good sales training I figure! Start ’em young! Hee hee…

* Send a quick email blast out to local friends.  The night before I sent a quick email blast out to friends telling them what we were doing and the times we would be there. A bunch of her friends came by to buy donuts and it was so fun to have the support of friends (and guaranteed customers!!!)

At the end, Emma and I added up all the money to see how much we raised and she was SO EXCITED! I immediately then went and made a donation myself in the amount to her page on our team and showed her the amount on the computer.

Of course I would LOVE you to do this project with your kiddos and join our team and donate to the PCRF, but this project and lesson on giving back can be used for any charity of your choice that has personal meaning to you.

Most importantly, I think it is so great to start young with getting kids involved in helping other people.  And also a good lesson in gratitude. 

If anyone out there does something like this, please send me pictures and let me know, would love to feature Tiny Oranges families at work to give back!



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