Meet Mark. Lip Gloss.

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My birthday was last month and my sweet girlfriend included a tube of this lip gloss in my gift.  It was from a brand I hadn’t seen before called Mark.

I did some searching online and found it at Interesting sort of company.  It looks like individuals can sign up to sell this make-up but they also sell the products online.  When I asked her where she got it, she said it was through a preschool fundraiser.  Cute!

So the gloss I got was a Shine Tube Hook Up Lip Gloss in the color Sugared Almond.  I will not be hooking up while wearing this gloss but I love that I can wear it alone for a little shimmer for preschool pick-up (the married mom’s alternative to the “hook up” part.)

Now, make sure to read the first comment below on how I misunderstood the “hook up” part, it made me laugh so hard this AM.  I thought it was a gloss geared to young 20-somethings going out at night.  I am still laughing!

It is also a great gloss to put over my regular lipsticks or to add shine to an evening lip color for a little extra holiday sparkle!

I really love it – would make for a great gift for any women on your list this holiday season!  Cost is $6, pretty good price for a great lip gloss!


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