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Green 4 Your Soul, a one-stop-shop for all your green essentials,  recently debuted a fabulous new line for mom and baby called Noli N Nali Organics.  I have slowly started to make the green transition for products for my kids, and Green 4 Your Soul is my favorite website because it is so easy to use.

Coupon code alert!  Use Green 4 Your Soul coupon code “ORANGES” upon checkout and receive 15% off your order (offer good now through 1/1/2010 – time to stock up on holiday gifts!)

You can  read and write reviews on the site which is such a great feature for me as I love reading reviews when buying products.   However, last Friday I wrote a review for a lotion of theirs I am crazy about, the Shea Terra Moroccan Mint Vanilla (LOOOOVVVVEEE the scent!), and since I was 2 days away from turning 35, I had to select the 35 – 44 age range.  It hit me that within one weekend I was entering a whole new age bracket!  Oh well, if this weekend was a sign of the year to come, 35 is going to shape up to be a good one.

I digress, on to the baby products!  The Noli n Nali Willow Baby Shampoo and Ella Bella Body Wash are fabulous –  I like that the scent is very subtle and clean (in more ways than one!)  And since I am convinced that little birds fly into my 3 year old’s room at night and build a nest in the back of her hair, the Willow Detangler is absolutely AWESOME.  It is a leave-in conditioner that makes her hair easier to comb and keeps it soft (therefore less nest-friendly – so stay away birdies!)

As a breastfeeding mom, I also use their Bosom Blossom Nipple Salve, which is fantastic.  It always weirded me out to think about my baby ingesting the nipple cream since I had to use so much during those painful early days.  It just brings me peace of mind to know it is completely chemical and paraben free.   Thankfully those painful early days are over, but I actually use it now when I pump.   I learned through my consultations with lactation consultants that you should never pump without lubricating the poor nipples.  They go through enough with that udder machine as it is!

So if you are in the market for anything green, definitely check out Green 4 Your Soul, because in this case, it IS easy being green!

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