My Fave Trader Joe’s Products

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Someone-I-know-knows-someone who’s job it was to just travel around the world to amazing destinations looking for new products to grace the shelves and freezers of Trader Joe’s~ can you say DREAM JOB!?!?

In some cases there are probably equivalent products in a regular grocery store but for some reason doesn’t just feels a little healthier & taste a little bit better from Trader Joe’s?

I thought it  would be fun to start a conversation with all of you reading this post right now~ please comment below with your favorite TJs products so we can all relish in their convenient amazingness together!

My (Susanne’s) favorites in no particular order:

* Tomato Basil Hummus  – I could drink it.

* Frozen Hash Browns – fried in a little Olive Oil=crispy deliciousness.

* PB Filled Pretzels – addictive.

* Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches – heaven.

Just a Handful of Nuts – so convenient.

* Hold the Cone – adorable little ice cream cone treat.

* Power Berries – yum.

* Almonds covered in Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar – scary good.

* My favorite homemade sandwich I cut in half & toast their Asiago Rosemary Rolls + Uncured Deli Turkey Meat +  Sliced Goat’s Milk Dutch Cheese + a handful of their  Herb Salad Mix (I love a little mayo but dijon would be delish as well).  I still look forward to having this sandwich, and I eat it A LOT.

Fresh Linen Scent Anti-bacterial Hand Soap – smells amazing & cute bottle.

Jen’s favorites in no particular order:

Frozen Steelcut Oatmeal – Individually package for single servings, two per box. I have one every morning around 10am for a mid morning snack with a few blueberries and almonds.  Love.

Mango Sorbet – Soooo yummy and I love just a little spoonful for a little sweet taste after a meal.

Organic Brown Rice – Green box, frozen section. Our family lives on this stuff!

Trader Grotto’s 3 Cheese Pizza – One of those no fail dinners when you are short on time!

Trader Grotto’s Turkey Burgers – These are in the frozen section. AMAZING. Super flavorful and choc full of protein. So yummy you don’t even need a bun, I eat it topped with some cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Garlic Herb Chicken Sausage – This is a favorite of mine to cut up and use in pasta dishes.

Your turn! Comment below!

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