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Have you ever considered trying a triathlon?

Well now is the time to stop thinking and JUST DO IT with TriLaVie!  To train with TriLaVie for iTRYathlon is to take part in an 8 week, beginner focused coached triathlon training program to empower women ages 16-70 to become triathletes. 

This program is focused on women who are new to triathlons and welcomes ALL athletic abilities.   And the group training is a conveniently scheduled from 8:30-10:00 am on Saturdays (not SUPER early on a weekday morning) with optional weeknight training included in your program.

If this is something you’ve ever found intriguing – REALLY STOP THINKING ALREADY & sign up because their next training program is starting this weekend!  (sorry for shouting)

When was the last time you (not your kids) had a coach to answer to?

To teach you new skills?

To hold you accountable for reaching your goals?

To cheer you on to the finish?!?

My husband has been competing in triathlons for a few years now and I’ve always loved that the concept behind them is rotating the different workouts so as not to overuse any one set of muscles = avoiding injury.  (And it’s totally changed his physique – blushing Mikey?)

He’s seen the TriLaVie women out at triathlons and said they are always laughing & having a great time!

Plus have you ever seen how toned triathletes are?  They are long & lean & looking lovely!  Can you say “bikini bod”?

They say for best results, plan 6-10 hours/week of training depending upon your goals and fitness.  How do-able is that?

The TriLaVie program costs $199 and includes:

iTRYathlon Race entry fee ($95 value)

TriLaVie Triathlon Tech shirt for training & racing

TriLaVie Training Binder + Decal

Weekly coached group training June 6-July 28, 2012 – Saturdays 8:30am-10:00am in swim, bike, run & race preparation.

A full triathlon training plan to follow on your own or with your new TriLaVie team mates.

Professional instruction on nutrition, mental preparation, strength and stretch.

Learning components on all aspects of solid triathlon training such as equipment, safety, race rules, strategies for successful swim, bike and run as well as strong racing.

An unforgettable lifetime experience + BRAGGING RIGHTS AS A TRIATHLETE!

The iTRYathlon details:

Women’s and Youth Triathlon

(No BIG intimidating men in your way)

3 Mile Run / 9 Mile Bike / 200 Meter Swim

July 28th at Northwood High School in Irvine (benefitting Irvine Public Schools Foundation)

(There is also a shorter Junior Triathlon for kids which is 1/2 mile run, 2 mile bike ride & 50 meter swim)

Picture your family’s faces now- beaming at you as you cross the finish line!!!

Become an inspiration to your children by tackling something out of your comfort zone while getting toned & tight for summer!  You never know, you might find your new passion!

Click HERE for more information or contact martha{@} with any questions.

(TriLaVie/Renegade Race Series is an esteemed Tiny Oranges Sponsor- we find them so inspirational!  Did you sign up yet?)

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