SAS Blow Dry & Makeup Bar [Giveaway]

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I had my 20-year high school reunion last month. So weird, because it really seems like 1992 was not that long ago. Seeing that many people hadn’t seen me in about, oh, 20 years, I wanted to try to do what I could to improve upon the last image they might of had of me, and that was one of a very big spiral perm so I made an appointment at a new blow dry bar in OC called SAS to see what they could do to SAS me up before the big event!

SAS, which stands for “Shampoo & Style” is a full service blow dry and makeup bar, so I was thrilled to not only be getting my hair done, but my makeup too!

When I walked in on that Saturday afternoon, the place was BUZZING with energy. Light and bright and decked out in beautiful colors, this is the perfect place to get the party started!

I was introduced to my stylist, who would be doing both my hair and makeup, and once settled into my chair, I was first given a quick scalp massage with scented oils (heaven) and then offered a complimentary beverage, of which, a glass of chardonnay was exactly what I needed to calm my pre-reunion nerves! Cheers to 1992 and the hope that spiral perms never return…

After a delightful wash, we headed back to the blow dry chair and she went to work. I think getting your hair blown out is one of the most pampering things you can do for yourself. To not have to worry about having a “good hair day” is such a luxury, especially when you need to look extra gorgeous for a special event.

I opted to go with big, loose, (try to be) sexy curls, as this is a style I can never do on my own.  It sort of felt like I was getting ready for prom, with the bonus that I already knew my date (my hubby) already really liked me!

And the MAKEUP was to-die-for!!!! One of the first things my stylist told me is, “you have to get the lashes too!” Yes, you can add on (natural-looking) fake lashes for only +$10 to your makeup application. I haven’t worn lashes since my wedding day 10 years ago, and it was so MUCH fun.

I didn’t look while I was getting dolled up, and when she finally showed me in the mirror when I was done, I was shocked because it didn’t even almost look like me! I have to say, I felt fabulous.

And isn’t that the most important thing after all?  Not so much how you actually look, but how you FEEL you look? There is no price you can put on that!

I absolutely loved, loved, loved SAS and it will be my go-to place anytime I need a great blow out or professional makeup (even think of SAS for your family holiday card photo – perfect, right?!)

The prices are super reasonable, the blow outs start at only $35, but can run up to $65 if you are wanting a full updo for a formal event or wedding.  Want a little extra pampering?  Opt for the +$10 Spoil Me add on and get a deep conditioning treatment and 10 minute revitalizing scalp massage.

Makeup application starts at only $20 for “Starry Eyes” which is eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow.  Be camera-ready with the “Cover Girl” for $35, which includes full makeup, including foundation, powder, the works!

And my personal favorite, the +$10 lashes add on. LOVED THESE! They totally make your eyes POP and were so fun to feel just a little extra glamorous.

Call 949.646.6345 to make an appointment, or book one easily online.

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway! One lucky reader will win “The SAS” signature blowout which includes a scalp massage, shampoo, and blow dry with a custom style tailored just for you. Gorgeous! Enter here!!!

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[Disclosure: SAS is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor & I received my services complimentary to facilitate a review. All opinions are 100% my own. LOVE SAS.]

Photo credits: SAS Salon. Except of course the befores and afters…and the 1992 stellar senior photo…those are mine.

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3 Less Obvious Reasons for Hair Extensions [Giveaway]

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Most of us can probably think of the obvious reasons why an OC mom would want to consider getting hair extensions. Just the word “hair extensions” conjures up images of celebrities with long, flowing, va va voom type of locks. You know, the type of tresses most of us would love to have, but most of us aren’t blessed with naturally? But when talking to local hair stylist, Tera Rae Stephens, an Orange County hair extensions specialist at Tek Salon in Costa Mesa, she mentioned that many women now days are opting to get hair extensions for other not so obvious reasons.

Ever been curious to try them?  Tera is GIVING away some below ~ make sure to enter!

Here is what Tera shared about why some of her clients are choosing her Hot Heads hair extensions

 “Extensions can be used to add highlights and lowlights without the commitment of a chemical service.

Using extensions in a different color can add dimension, texture and depth without damaging the hair like color could. This is my client Kim. We added some light brown and caramel pieces to change up her color.  It adds a fun “pop!” and took 10 minutes in the salon rather than 2 hours and the cost is only $100.”

“This is my client Nancy.

Nancy isn’t the typical extensions client, she decided to try extensions because her own hair was thinning.  As we age, our hair loses its vitality and can become thinner and less youthful looking.  Extensions can be worn shorter, with the purpose of adding volume.  They are fantastic on her!”

“Another lesser known reason women are choosing hair extensions is for growing back hair after chemo. My client Lesa couldn’t wait to have her hair back so she could feel more herself again after her treatment for breast cancer. She started wearing Hot Heads extensions as soon as her hair was long enough.  She wore them for an entire year as her own hair grew back in.  She is now cancer-free and rocks her own locks!”

Here was her first round of Hot Heads:

And after her second round of hair:

Thanks Tera for sharing!

But for whatever reason you might choose to explore getting hair extensions, if the end result is a more confident YOU, that is reason enough!

For more info:
Watch Tera on Fox 5 San Diego demonstrating how Hot Heads hair extensions work.
Tera on Facebook ~ Tera on Twitter

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