5 Things I Don’t Like About Halloween

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Confession: I am a tad of a secret Halloween Scrooge.  On the outside, I will be smiling from ear to ear tonight watching my girls go house to house filling their buckets to the brim with candy beaming with excitement.   But on the inside, as a mom, I have to admit I don’t really care much for the holiday. At all.

And when I thought about the reasons why, it made me laugh so I am going to tell you 5 Things I Don’t Like About Halloween.

1. Gory decor. There is a house a few blocks away from us that has a yard full of bloody baby dolls and Barbie body parts hanging in the trees with a sign that says, “Happy Hell oween.”  I have issue with a holiday that celebrates the fact that it is actually OK to display a scene of this nature on your lawn.

2. Costume drama. Every year there is always some issue with my kids and picking their costumes. This year’s drama had to do with the fact that my oldest is obsessed with matching her little sister.  So I got them matching cheerleader costumes early October because we had an event to go to.  Now last week my two-year-old announced she is going to be Snow White and pulled out the wrinkled dress from our dress up box. She will not budge. She insists she WILL be Snow White. Then my oldest told me since her sister wasn’t going to be a cheerleader anymore, now she wants to be a fairy princess and pulled out another wrinkled dress up costume we had all along. So I am wondering why I didn’t just pull out our dress up box in the first place and tell them to go shopping?

3. Oversized trick-or-treaters. Nothing bugs me more than teenagers that are WAY too old to be trick-or-treating standing at my door in jeans, sweatshirts and some stupid mask to pull off as a costume with a bag full of candy. Glory days are over kids. If you are as tall as me, you are TOO OLD to be trick-or-treating. Come to think of it, maybe I should mark an amusement park-style line in masking tape at my door that says, “anyone taller than this line is not eligible to receive candy.” I wish.

4. The most offensive trick-or-treater of all. No joke, even more offensive than the trick-or-treating teenager is a trick-or-treating parent. Yes, I have actually had on occasion a PARENT carry their own candy bag in addition to the one their child is carrying collecting candy. Seriously?

5. The candy. Here’s where I am really going to be a scrooge.  When the candy comes home and gets dumped out the sheer quantity of it makes me crazy. Sugar highs and tummy aches are all I see in that stack. What kid needs all of that candy?? So I will allow them to delight in the pile and then the candy will tucked into the back of a cupboard until it is forgotten and I will throw it away. But then of course, guess who ends up sneaking a bite sized Snickers in the meantime? Hello most unwelcome extra lbs. 🙁


Have a very Happy Halloween and enjoy your little cuties in their costumes!  Be safe and see you tomorrow…

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Boo! It’s Costume Time!

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Happy October Mamas!  You know what that means…time to start thinking about Halloween costumes!   If you are heading online for your costume shopping, Costume Discounters has a pretty decent selection for really reasonable prices.  In fact, they guarantee to have the lowest price!    I just ordered Morgan’s little ladybug costume this weekend.   Nothing like seeing those little newborn faces in costume – SO cute!

This company offers some pretty cool deals, including:

* Low price guarantee.  If you find an identical costume within 10 days of ordering, they will match the lower price PLUS take off an additional 20%!
* Free exchanges if you need a new size.
* Flat rate shipping of $4.99 on all orders.
* Free shipping on orders of $60 or more with Costume Discounters coupon code “Free60.”


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