Healthy Classroom Birthday Treat

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healthy classroom birthday treat

My daughter’s kindergarten teacher is celebrating the July birthday kids’ half birthdays in the month of January so we celebrated her big 5 1/2 birthday last week in the classroom.

Her teacher is super healthy, which I love, so birthday treats are not allowed, but I still wanted to bring in something special for her to celebrate.

Last year a little girl in my oldest daughter’s class brought in these cute butterflies with healthy snacks inside to celebrate, so I decided to do the same and share this healthy classroom birthday treat idea.

It turned out to be a fun project for us, and was fairly simple.  Even better, the kids all seemed to enjoy them so that to me is a success!

Healthy Classroom Birthday Treat – Butterfly Baggies

Supplies needed:

1. Ziploc Snack Bags

2. Two different healthy snacks

3. Bright colored Pipe Cleaners

4. Googly Eyes

5. Plain Clothespins

6. Markers to decorate (optional)

7.Glue Gun


1. Take a clothespin and pinch to open. Center one pipe cleaner at base of opening (I put a little glue gun glue on it to keep it in place), and then twist pipe cleaner in a spiral at top to make the antennas.

2. Glue gun on the googly eyes.

3. Decorate! My daughter and I both had fun decorating them together with different designs. She drew a smile for the face, then decorated the body with different patterns, then wrote a {heart} Morgan on the back.
Morgan decorating

4. Once they were all decorated, we filled both sides of the snack sized baggies with healthy snacks. In our baggies, we did 1/2 grapes, and 1/2 Organic Honey Graham Teddy Bears, and then closed baggie, and clipped it in between the clothespin.

And that is the how-to on this healthy classroom birthday treat!  Hope this gives you an idea if you are in the same situation of needing a healthy classroom treat. It would also be great for a class party.

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