Little Snowflakes Teacher Gift Idea

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I did this holiday card project for my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher last year when I was room mom and it turned out pretty darn cute so I wanted to share this holiday card idea from class to teacher with you. Holiday card idea from class to teacher If you happen to like the poem you can download the free printable snowflake holiday poem for teachers here. I changed the design a bit – think this one is cuter. Hope you do too!

The process was easy. I bought a set of plain white paper snowflakes like these and sent one snowflake home with each child along with a note to have them decorate it any way they wanted and return to me.

When I got all the decorated snowflakes back, I arranged them on a poster board around the snowflake poem.

The teacher loved it and I thought it was a personal way for young kids to make something sweet for their teacher for the holidays.

I also loved the fact that they were all different, just like the children! Please share with your room moms if you like this idea… thank you!

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