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I got a little craft recently with this DIY meal planning board which has has revolutionized weeknight dinners and reduced the “what’s for dinner?” stress in our house.

It was silly simple to make, and I even include a free printable meal planning template. Read the how to below.

The inspiration for this DIY meal planning board came from a recent BBQ we went to at a friend’s house. She had this ADORABLE framed meal planning board on her kitchen counter and told me it had been a lifesaver for her family. Not to mention the money they were saving from not going out to eat last minute.

I asked her where she got it, and she told me it was an easy DIY project. Basically all you need is a cute picture frame, a piece of scrapbook paper and a dry erase marker.

Hmmm. I am not super crafty, but it seemed even I could do that!

DIY Meal Planning Board Supplies 

1. Picture frame

I loved this one from Amazon:

 2. Scrapbook Paper

My friend had a super cute distressed wood scrapbook paper, so I attempted to find something similar in the gray tones with no luck at Michaels. However, I did find a distressed wood in brown tones. Here is a cute Barnwood Scrapbook Paper I found on Amazon if this look works for you.  The best part is, you can choose a paper/background to match your home decor.

 3. Free Printable Meal Planning Template

I created this free printable meal planning template -> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD <- and all you have to do is cut the scrapbook paper to fit your printer, and print the template out on your paper of choice.

The scrapbook paper is so cheap you can buy a few designs and actually switch them out every now and again when you want a fresh look.

4. Dry Erase Marker

Last all you need is a Fine Tip Dry Erase Marker and you are good to go! My friend had hers attached to a string and mounted on the back, which is a great idea. I still need to do that. Then, when you are done with your weekly menu, simply erase and plan your new menu for the upcoming week.

5. Board or Frame Stand (If You Need One)

I have a pet peeve about picture frames falling or sliding when just using the built in cardboard stands, so I purchased this Two Wire Display Stand and love it! The white material grips to the surface of our kitchen counter top so it doesn’t slide around.

Happy menu planning!

Homemade Menu Planning Board

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