Homemade Valentine for Teachers

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Gotta thank Pinterest again for this sweet “You Deserve a Hand” teacher valentine idea.  I swear, what did I ever DO before Pinterest?! If you are a Pinterest-lover like me, please follow Tiny Oranges, would love to share pins with you. So my daughter and I made this sweet homemade Valentine for teachers.  I know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but it is so easy you can pull it off today!

Basically, you just cut out your little one’s handprints and you can either stick to the sides of a hand lotion bottle, or you can stick in a clear favor bag like I did, and staple the hands to the top.

On the hand, have your child write, “Mrs., You deserve a hand! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Isn’t that cute?  And incidentally I think teachers deserve a standing ovation every day, which is why I loved this one so much.

What do you guys do for Valentines for your kid’s teachers? Please share!

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