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Hotel Tonight Promo Code

With Spring Break coming up, I wanted to share one of my new favorite apps, Hotel Tonight, along with a Hotel Tonight promo code for $25 off because I AM IN LOVE.

When you download the app, click on the promo code bar, and enter jscheumann1 and $25 will be added as a credit to your account to be used on your first booking.

How Hotel Tonight Works

Hotel Tonight works directly with hotels with last minute rooms to fill. Better to have someone in that room for a lower price than keeping it vacant, right? Makes sense!

Simply download the free Hotel Tonight app, and poke around by city to check out the last minute, same day hotel deals. 

Once the app is installed, you can go on, search by city, and it will pull up all hotels in the surrounding areas that have rooms available at what price.

We Used Hotel Tonight and Loved It!

Last month my family went to stay at the Rancho Bernardo Inn for two nights. We wanted to stay a third, but they were sold out, so we decided to give Hotel Tonight a try so we could at least stay somewhere in San Diego.

I checked out the app on the ride down, and we found the Hilton San Diego Del Mar, right by the Del Mark racetrack. The day we got it, we snagged the room for only $109.

Because you enter all your info into the app, when you book the room, it automatically charges your card, so that is out of the way.

When I checked in, they of course, took a credit card for incidentals, but all they really had left to do was hand me the keys!

Things to Know About Hotel Tonight.

Same day bookings only, it’s not Hotel Tomorrow, so you have to be a “live on the edge” kind of person. Hee hee… But such a great deal if you can be flexible! We are going to use it for random Staycations this summer. My kids will do anything to get to a hotel pool.

– Hotel Tonight rate covers room and tax only. Parking and mini bar raids are on you.

– All bookings are non-refundable.

– You can’t request room type; it’s up to fate at check in. However our hotel was able to accommodate two beds for us when we used it no problem.

– Hotel Tonight prefers quality over quantity, so the rooms they feature offer a variety of choices, but are not overwhelming.

Hotel Tonight Promo Code

When you sign up, you can put in a Hotel Tonight Promo Code for $25 off, just use jscheumann1.  The $25 will be used as a credit in your account. And, if you book through Hotel Tonight, they deposit $25 in mine. Nice. See you on a future Staycation?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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