How To Trim Your Daughter’s Growing Out Bangs

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How to trim girl's growing out bangs

This post includes a how to video on how to cut your daughter’s bangs when you are trying to grow them out by OC hairstylist Tera Rae Stephens of Tek Salon in Costa Mesa.

Growing out a little girl’s bangs can be no easy feat!

If you are in the beginning phase, make sure to read this first post on How to Grow Out Your Little Girl’s Bangs to see four cute hairstyles you can do when they start getting in her eyes.

When they start to get longer, a little trim along the way, will make them easier to wear while growing out.

Here Tera teaches us how to cut your daughter’s bangs while growing them out by demonstrating on her own cutie patootie, Harper:

And here is step-by-step instructions you can follow to go along with the video:

1.   Using a flat brush, dry your little girl’s bangs to lay in the direction that you ultimately want them to lie.  Take into consideration any cowlicks that may fight you!

2.   Section out the bangs that you plan to reshape.  If they were cut by a stylist originally, they will most likely be a triangle shape when you comb it all forward.

3.   Clip back any hair that isn’t bangs and avoid cutting that.

4.   Comb the bangs into the position that they will lie and take a small (1 inch), diagonal section from the back of the bangs toward the hairline. (See head sheet)

5.   Holding your fingers parallel to the parting, cut just the corner off from short to long.  Be sure to only remove enough hair that the shortest piece will lay just above the eyebrow.

6.   Comb the section back to where it will lie and make sure the length is correct before continuing to the next section.

7.   Take the next parting and comb it down to the previously cut section.  Using the previous section as a guide, cut the second section.

8.   Work this way until all of the hair has been combed down and trimmed.  When you get to the final sections, there may not be any hair that will reach.  Don’t cut what doesn’t need to be cut!!!

9.   If the longer side of the bangs are heavy, carefully texturize the last section, holding the hair in the same place it was originally cut.

10. You just cut a very simple side swept bang!  Enjoy looking at that sweet little face!

And here is a visual to help.  Good LUCK! Let us know if you try it and how it works out for you!

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